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Rereading "Living Method" to gain a whole new perspective.

On the first day of entry, in the grand induction ceremony, the personnel department manager Guo solemnly handed me the book "Living Method", opened the title page, which is a paragraph written by Chairman Musk himself, the content is as follows:


Reading these words, I felt a trust and empathy that I had never felt before. And this is the first time in so many years in the induction ceremony was officially sent to the book, not to mention Mr.Inamori "Living Method", such a corporate culture, but also let me firmly join the KANOU GROUP confidence.

In fact, a long time ago, I have had the honor to contact with the Inamori philosophy, once in the supplier's annual meeting, the supplier's boss, because he is a student of Seiwa Juku, was presented with Mr.Inamori "Living Method", "The Mindset" and "The Method of Execution" series of books, after reading, greatly shocked.


Today, pick up the "Living Method" presented by Chairman Musk again, and I carefully read it several times, and each time after reading it, I feel that there will be different harvest.

Mr.Inamori "Living Method" has nourished many entrepreneurs, given many people strength, and pointed out the direction for many enterprises. Reading Mr.Inamori's book, always can be a person's confusion, so that the anxious heart can calm down, re-read this book, for life, ideals and improve the mind, so that I have a more new understanding.

In this impetuous society, many people are very confused, do not know what is the meaning of living? What's the meaning of life?

I have also heard others say before that it is meaningless for people to live, but to experience a life, to taste the joys and pains of the world, and not to bring it to death. However, in the book "Living Method", Mr. Inamori summed up the meaning of human life and the value of life is to improve the heart, tempering the soul, after reading it, it makes people feel enlightened and suddenly realize.

So how do you exercise your soul? The combination of innate character and acquired philosophy creates our human spiritual character, which is "What is right to be human?" Mr. Inamori took the simplest principles of life, such as integrity, fairness, honesty, modesty, effort, courage, etc. as the most important norms and action Pointers in life, pursued the correct principles of life, followed this principle to operate the enterprise, and finally achieved great success.


People may think that Mr. Inamori is a saint and a philosopher, and that is why he is successful. And as ordinary people among us, how can it be so easy to succeed? In the book "Living Method", in fact, we can find the answer, we have to find the truth in hard work, to guide ourselves with the right way of thinking, and draw the blueprint in our hearts, as long as we go in this direction, it determines what kind of life we will live.

When you comply with the "will of the universe", take the initiative to pursue what you want, continue to use the strongest desire, believe that the goal can be achieved and make unremitting efforts for it, in this process, think about every detail, do careful planning and careful preparation, and have a good attitude, perseverance to the end, you will be able to succeed.

Mr. Inamori was right when he said that when you work hard in the right direction, the gods will help you!


The book also mentioned Mr. Matsushita's reservoir management, in fact, just like our old saying, "sunny with an umbrella, full with hunger food", the business boom should also be prepared for the depression period, leaving a margin.

In addition, "Living Method" also mentioned the heart of altruism, altruism is also the origin of business, let each other profit, they will profit, that is, the Buddha often said that love out love back, blessing to blessing, the truth is the same, the key is to see whether we can understand from their own side bit by bit and do it. There is also Mr. Inamori proposed to temper the mind of the "six improvements" is the core of the content of this book, but also our company's weekly morning meeting will be read content.

Looking back, these principles of people and things that Mr.Inamori said are around us, closely related to our daily work and life, perhaps because they are too ordinary and ordinary, they are often ignored and forgotten by many people, and many people gradually forget their original heart on the road of chasing fame and fortune. Reading the book "Living Method" is like gradually entering the spiritual world of Mr. Inamori, and at the same time, it is more like a process of self-perspective and awakening.

Here, I would like to thank Chairman Musk for the gift of "Living Method" book, but also thank Mr.Inamori's business philosophy, I believe that everyone in our group to use these most simple truth in their own work, life, the future of Kanou Group will be better and better!

I also believe that after the precipitation of time, we do our best to do our best, we will be able to achieve the beautiful blueprint described in our hearts!

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