KanouGroup Strategic Positioning and Vision

The essence of enterprise survival lies in the social value of the enterprise, that is not only the social division of labor role, but also is the business mission. Corporate social responsibility is same as business mission, it is for the community to solve any problems. What is mission: never achieve is mission. For example, the mission of [...]

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Dear Sirs Thanks for your support and trust on Kanou for many years. We’ve decided to change Japanese company name from Kanou Corp. to Kanou Precision (Japan)Co.,Ltd through interim conference of stockholders. It will take effect from 03 Aug. 2017. Business affairs will be in charged of by the new company. All of us will take this opportunity [...]

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These three days,we have been known by over 100 Thai Japanese companies

In 21th.June,2017, Japan branch JAPAN KANOU CORP. On behalf of Kanou Precision Group participated in the manufacturing exhibition in Thailand. According to the information shared by Mr.LV who has been full participated during the exhibition,this show made the expected results. 100 Thai Japanese companies knew that Kanou process high precision machining and deep drawing die. The exhibition scale [...]

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The famous French crimping equipment customers visit Kanou precision

Yesterday Kanou auto industry(dongguan)co.,ltd has ushered the guangzhou Local customers’ visiting,guangzhou # # company is the subsidiary for the well-known French crimping equipment company in Asia,mainly focus on crimping equipment,providing technical support,their equipments need to use the mechanical parts , Now the French and Russian business volume increases rapidly, the existing suppliers can not meet the production capacity, so [...]

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Warmly celebrate Kanou Auto Industry (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd joined Guangdong Automobile Industry Association

Kanou precision gradually move towards to a more specialized industry areas after over 10 years steady development.From the initial precision equipment parts and components, jigs and fixtures, precision testing fixture processing, to now, we are only involved in the automotive industry related parts processing.The choice of the industry also from the initial electronics industry,automation equipment industry and medical [...]

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The Registration of our Trademark “KangKang”

        “KangKang” is the mascot of Kanou® Group. It is one of the most important actions of our company in 2014. We not only applied for the copyright and the trademark protection in China, but also started the process of the submit of trademark in Japan.(KangKang’s blog please click here)         Below [...]

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The Registration of our Trademark “Kanou precision”

          The words “Kanou Precision” have a great significance for Kanou® Group. Because the name of our company has overlapped with another famous enterprise in China, the Huaneng Power Corporation. So we can’t register this trademark in China. Although these two names are totally different, we just have to accept the facts regrettably.   [...]

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Why can we do business with top enterprises in the world?

At the beginning of our Kanou Technology, we pay very high attention on the machining ability of our machines and the quality of our products. We positioned ourselves as the experts of high precision machining. We seize every chance to prove our customers that we have the ability to process the high precision machining parts for them. One [...]

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Company visit——customer from Australia

Days before, our handsome customer, Allan, came to our company for visit all the way from Australia. We had great time together and reached agreements on many aspects about our cooperation. At last, he gave us high evaluation about our factory, our products and especially, our extremely good service. Since this customer’s products are used as brake on [...]

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Exhibition in Thailand

From June 20th to June 21st, we Kanou Technology, a total of 8 colleagues joined the 2014 FBC show in Thailand. This is my first time to take part in an exhibition since I started to work, I feel excited about this but at the same time quite nervous.  Actually I have watched many exhibitions, we talked to the exhibitors freely just like to our customers. But [...]

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