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Customized processing auto industry precision spare part,we never stop making great effort from 2005 !

Multi-species, small quantities, one pcs can be order !

We have been good at mechanical parts with Um grade

Japan quality management system, yield rate reach to 99% above

The same quality with Japan company,but our price is more reasonable than them.

Integral aluminum alloy material processing, more light!

Custom-made based on actual demand, more reasonable !

Simple design, with visual management of the inspection!

Introduce advanced processing equipments from Japan and other countries, and cultivate experienced processors

Mirror processing equipment

Sodick, Mitsubishi, Chamir and other 16 mirror discharge processing equipment, precision 0.005mm above, processing range 400 * 330

Precision wire cutting equipment

Sodick, Mitsubishi, Hitachi and other more than 20 high-precision line cutting equipment, precision accuracy up to 0.005mm above, processing range 550 * 350

Precision CNC processing center

Matsuura, Mazak, Fanuc and other high-precision CNC machining equipment total 16 sets, the maximum stroke 1050mm, the accuracy up to 0.005mm

World class inspection equipment, strict training of high quality personnel, quality stable assurance

optical&contacting-type three-dimension measuring instrument

2.5 dimensional video measuring instrument

High precision optical image projector machine

Are you also concerned about these issues?

  • Do you also want to improve the inspection accuracy and reliability of checking fixture?

  •  Are you still looking for the supplier who keep promise in quality and delivery time?

  • Are you still concerned about whether the raw material is true or not? the surface treatment is reliable or not?

  • If so,then you come to the right place,as this is the goal that Kanou pursuit all the time.

Most mechanical parts processors only want to sell more parts to you, but  Kanou Precision is more willing to help you sell more equipments.

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Why do we recommend you to choose Kanou Precision?

Implemente of ISO9001-2008 quality assurance system, customer satisfaction has always been the constant pursuit.

We guarantee the quality of mechanical parts and strictly adhere to ISO9001 quality system requirements. 100% inspection of the product appearance and size, provide material proof and shipping inspection report.

More than 10 years to build the Japanese market fast delivery system, now we’re challenging 10 days arriving.

The world’s most expensive is the time to help customers save time, only the most valuable. To this end, we constantly in the grinding team’s quick ability to correspond. 10 will reach the goal, we insist on reaching.

Committed to the same quality with Japan but processing in China,help your machine more secure and reliable.

We’re selecting carefully for the packaging supplier and delivery service.OCS,DHL,SF and Debon all are our partner,even for the wooden case,we also choose more thicker and better mood.

How did the customers judge the Kanou precision?

Your company’s tungsten steel fixture is confirmed at customer side, customer evaluation on machining precision and its appearance are more superior than any other internal manufacturer.In general, the results of the fraying of the tungsten section were determined for months, but only within 10 days, the customer accepted the “qualified” results.

Sakura, Japan

Sakura, Japan

Since we have cooperated with your company, the load in my factory has been greatly relieved. Although our requirements are very demanding, you always do your best to make a positive response. Thanks for  your great support, we hope we can make a long deal in the future.

Nanyuan President, Japan S

Nanyuan President, Japan S

We have finished all inspection of the goods that we received two days ago. The inspection results are completely free of problem, and include the angle of inverted, and the details of the remark are fully processed in accordance with the drawing requirements. The appearance is also very beautiful,the technical personnel of our department and we are very satisfied.

Bank of Japan corporation A

Bank , Japan corporation A

They all chose Kanou Precision

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Most of the mechanical processing plant can only give you a price, but Kanou precision keen to provide you with the program!

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