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Precision sheet metal machining

We provide metal laser cutting, plasma cutting, water jet cutting and bending sheet metal parts processing services for aluminum, steel, stainless steel and other materials, as well as material strength, electrical conductivity, weight, corrosion resistance and other material characteristics. Help customers to process sheet metal parts (thickness is usually between 0.15mm and 10mm), suitable for medical equipment, financial equipment, automotive non-standard parts, chassis, robot sheet metal, new energy sheet metal and other industries. The automated cutting process guarantees high precision and high quality of the finished parts. According to customer needs, all parts can be sprayed, heat treatment and other post-processing. High quality delivery is guaranteed to help customers quickly develop new products and put them on the market

Kanou Precision focuses on the processing and manufacturing of new energy vehicles, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors, robot sheet metal parts and components!

① : Strictly implement ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 quality management system to ensure the safety, reliability and precision of sheet metal parts.

② : Good at high precision sheet metal on advanced equipment, laser cutting tolerance ±0.005mm, bending tolerance ±0.1mm.

Kanou adopts new cutting, bending, punching technology and automation technology to provide customers with pre-test of precision sheet metal processing products, product processing trial production and product batch production services. We have a number of imported CNC shears, CNC punching machines, bending machines, CNC folding machines, CNC machine tools and various welding, cutting equipment, and equipped with three-dimensional, 2.5 dimensional projectors and other high-precision inspection instruments, we are deeply engaged in new energy, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors, commercial equipment industry equipment parts, whether it is precision, quality or technology, We all have rich experience in sheet metal processing and can provide customers with highly cost-effective component solutions.

CNC lathe machining, assembly parts and components are mainly used in:

Components of new energy equipment: 

drive motor, motor controller, heat exchanger, drive components, etc.            

Parts of medical equipment: 

CT, MRI, ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, electrocardiograph, ventilator, monitor and other equipment parts.            

Robot parts:

industrial robot site, medical equipment shell, logistics machine shell, manufacturing machine parts, etc.                        

We provide global customers in new energy, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors, robotics, commercial equipment and other industries with a variety of parts lathe processing, including structural parts, exterior parts, connectors, fasteners and a variety of non-calibrated parts sheet metal processing.

Precision sheet metal processing materials

Kanou Precision has a wide range of industrial grade material supply chain system, complete material supply chain traceability information management system, for precision sheet metal processing, to provide you with a large number of reliable material selection, and 100% incoming material testing. Provide third party MSDS reports, provide Rohs, Reach and 10993 biocompatibility reports. To ensure the quality of parts is reliable, safe and stable, to ensure the safety of product applications and customer rights.            

Our sheet metal processing materials are mainly: 

Non-galvanized steel sheet, cold rolled sheet (SPCC) and hot rolled sheet (SHCC) ; 

Stainless steel SUS301, SUS304, austenitic stainless steel; 

Aluminum profiles and sheets (6061, 6063).            


Stainless steel sheet metal material


Aluminum alloy sheet metal parts


Galvanized steel sheet metal parts


Cold-rolled sheet metal material parts

Sheet metal processing parts surface treatment

The surface treatment process of precision sheet metal parts is an indispensable part of the manufacturing industry, which can improve the corrosion resistance, wear resistance, aesthetics and other properties of the parts, thereby improving the quality and service life of the products. Sheet metal processing parts surface treatment processes include wire drawing, polishing, anodizing, oxidation, sandblasting, laser engraving, electroplating, shot peening, electrophoresis, screen printing, chromate, powder and spray painting, etc.


Surface polishing of sheet metal parts


Surface sprayed sheet metal parts


Oxidation process sheet metal parts


Stainless steel parts

What do you get when you choose Kanou Precision as your component processing partner?


1. Processing technology of sheet metal parts

Blanking, pressure riveting, bending, shearing, dropping, punching, rising riveting, pull mother,the rivet riveter tools, riveting, cut angle, forming, punching convex package, punching tearing, printing,enlarge hole, punching mesh, chamfering, return teeth, pumping holes, tapping, school level, drilling, countersinking, hemming, welding, painting, assembling and so on.


2. Surface treatment of sheet metal parts

Drawing, polishing, anodizing, oxidation, sandblasting, laser engraving, electroplating,  

shot peening, electrophoresis, screen printing, chromate, powder and spray painting.


3. Complete traceability and information management

Purchase materials through regular channels and conduct 100% incoming material inspection. Provide third party MSDS reports, provide Rohs, Reach and 10993 biocompatibility reports. To ensure that the quality of parts is reliable, safe and stable, and the materials are traceable to ensure product safety and customer rights and interests.


4. Committed to providing 100% qualified parts

We always implement ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 three quality management systems, in each production link are strictly verified, three dimensional, two dimensional, altimeter, micrometer, image instrument and other precision instrument quality detection, to ensure that from manufacturing - quality inspection - shipment, timely guarantee the rate of good products, on-site assembly of components, Make sure every part fits exactly.


5. Support multi-variety, small batch custom orders

Kanou has rich experience in parts processing and assembly, and has standardized production systems in new energy, medical, robotics, electronic semiconductor industries. Whether in terms of cost or time, we can help customers with a variety of small orders to provide accurate assembly solutions.


From now on, let Kanou Precision supply you with five axis parts!


What is sheet metal processing?

Sheet metal processing includes traditional cutting, punching, bending and forming methods and process parameters, including a variety of cold stamping die structure and process parameters, various equipment working principles and control methods, but also includes new stamping technology and new technology. Parts sheet metal processing is called sheet metal processing.

Sheet metal products are widely used in medical equipment. Sheet metal products have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, flat surface and low manufacturing cost. Sheet metal is sheet metal hardware, that is, parts that can be processed by stamping, bending, stretching and other means, and a general definition is the parts that do not change in thickness during processing. The corresponding parts are cast parts, forging parts, machined parts and so on.


What are the processes of sheet metal processing?

The main processes of sheet metal processing are: material, cutting material, CNC punching or laser cutting machining holes and corners, bending forming, welding or pressing, surface treatment after grinding spraying, assembly.                            

It also includes a series of processes such as management, warehouse control, technology and quality control. Sheet metal processing process and its attention for any sheet metal, it has a certain processing process, that is, the so-called process.                            


How to choose sheet metal processing materials?

Sheet metal processing generally used materials are cold-rolled plate (SPCC) and hot-rolled plate (SHCC), galvanized steel, copper (real copper), copper, aluminum plate (6061, 6063, hard aluminum), aluminum profiles, stainless steel SUS301, 304, etc., according to the different role of the product, the selection of different materials, generally need to be considered from the product's use and cost. Copper; Mainly used conductive materials, the surface treatment is nickel plated, chromium plated, or no treatment.                                

Aluminum plate; General use of surface chromate (J11-A), oxidation (conductive oxidation, chemical oxidation), silver plating, nickel plating. Aluminum profile; Materials with complex sectional structure are widely used in various plug-in boxes. The surface treatment is the same as aluminum plate. Stainless steel; It is mainly used without any surface treatment.


How to choose sheet metal processing manufacturers?

1, processing technology: with good equipment, no good processing technology is not good, technology is the important basis for enterprise development, is the development standard of a manufacturer, a good sheet metal shell processing technology for manufacturers to occupy the industry market has more advantages.

2, processing equipment good equipment is the basis to ensure the quality of sheet metal shell processing, poor quality equipment can not guarantee the quality of production and processing, no good processing equipment, how to be a good production and processing manufacturers.                                                                

3, the technical team in the development of the manufacturer, the quality of the work of the staff occupies a large part, and the quality of the work reflects the external development of a manufacturer. High quality and high standards can also produce better sheet metal shell products, so you can choose a good manufacturer from this aspect.                        

4, ensure long-term cooperation: the reasonable choice of sheet metal processing plants should also try to ensure long-term cooperation, because people's processing demand for sheet metal is relatively large, can achieve long-term reciprocity through cooperation with manufacturers, which is also very beneficial for the long-term quality assurance of products.                                

Let Kanou Precision provide you with precision mechanical parts from now on!

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