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3D printing of precision parts

Kanou Precision offers a range of high-quality 3D printing (additive manufacturing) services including FDM, SLA, SLS and SLM. Support 50+ material printing, support soft glue, ultem, full color 3D printing, 3D printed parts are widely used in aerospace, new energy, electronic semiconductors, hand molds, medical equipment, robots and other 100+ industry fields, from product samples or small batch parts production, Compared with the traditional manufacturing process, 3D printing can achieve a single molding of complex geometric parts, reducing customer research and development costs.

We focus on the processing and manufacturing of 3D printed parts and components of new energy vehicles, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors, robots!

① : Strictly implement ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 quality management system to ensure the adaptability, reliability and precision of parts and components.

② : FDM, SLA, SLS and SLM printing services. Support 50+ material printing, support soft glue, ultem, full color 3D printing.

Kanou Precision can provide professional post-processing capabilities for 3D printed products, including sanding, polishing, painting, silk-screening, and services such as surface sealing, stress relieving, inlaying nuts/tapping/connectors, etc. Before each sample is delivered, QC sample testing is conducted for overall appearance, dimensions, and color comparisons, and a strict confidentiality system is in place at the Japanese company to effectively safeguard data security and eliminate risks of confidentiality. All of these services are customized to meet your exacting standards, and this versatility allows you to maximize the benefits of 3D printing throughout the product development cycle.

3D printing precision parts and assembled components are mainly used in:

Components of new energy equipment:  

drive motor, motor controller, heat exchanger, drive components, new energy charging station, charging pile, etc. 

Parts of medical equipment: 

endoscopic clamp, surgical instruments, CT, MRI, ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, electrocardiograph, ventilator, monitor, etc. 

Robot components: 

industrial robot arms, medical robots, logistics robots, manufacturing robots, etc.

We provide 3D printing services for various parts and one-stop production services for rapid assembly and assembly of new energy, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors, robotics, commercial equipment and other industries worldwide.


Medical bone fixation parts


Precision equipment housing assembly


Medical bone implant parts


New energy equipment structural parts

What do you get when you choose Kanou Precision as your component processing partner?

1.  Process of 3D printing parts and components

Our 3D printed precision parts are manufactured according to ISO international standards, using different process technologies such as: material extrusion, reduction polymerization, powder bed fusion, material injection, adhesive injection, directed energy deposition, sheet lamination, depending on the product produced or the type of material used


2. 3D printing precision parts surface treatment process

Drawing, polishing, anodizing, sandblasting, laser engraving, electroplating, electrophoresis, chromate, powder and spray painting.


3. Complete traceability and information management

Purchase materials through regular channels and conduct 100% incoming material inspection. Provide third party MSDS reports, provide Rohs, Reach and 10993 biocompatibility reports. To ensure the quality of the parts is reliable, safe and stable, and the materials are traceable to ensure the safety of product use and the rights and interests of customers.


4. Fast verification and delivery of products

By having all your products produced by us, you will get a one-stop service without having to communicate with multiple companies, which is more convenient and efficient. And the finished parts can be quickly verified, whether it is a design problem or a process problem, can be improved in the shortest time, which will save you a lot of costs.


5. Support multi-variety, small batch custom orders

Kanou has a wealth of 3D printing precision parts services, in the new energy, medical, robotics, electronic semiconductor industry has a standardized production system, whether in terms of cost or time, we can help a variety of small orders to provide customers with accurate assembly solutions.

From now on, let Kanou precision process and assemble parts for you!


What is 3D printing?

3D printing (3DP) is a kind of rapid prototyping technology, also known as additive manufacturing, it is a digital model file based on the use of powder metal or plastic and other adhesive materials, through the way of layer by layer printing technology to construct objects.

3D printing is usually achieved using digital technology material printers. Often used in mold manufacturing, industrial design and other fields to manufacture models, and gradually used in the direct manufacturing of some products, there are already parts printed using this technology.


What are the advantages of 3D printing?

1, improve production efficiency: 3d printers can use computers to directly produce various parts or models, without other equipment to assist                            

2, effective cost control: the traditional industry many times in the production of new items or parts, need to use different equipment and processing different parts according to the different needs of the product, not only increase the cost, in the pricing will be very complicated. The 3d printer can directly use the corresponding material to print the product, which is not only convenient but also can reduce production costs and effectively control production costs.                                                                                    

3. Product accuracy requirements: 3D printing can achieve a high precision tolerance of +/- 0.1-0.3mm according to customer drawings.                                                        

4. Variety of processing materials: 3D printed materials can be selected from more than 35 materials: rigid and flexible plastics, elastomers, metals, etc


What are the uses of 3D printing?

A 3D printer is a machine that can turn a digital model into a physical entity, printing out objects layer by layer in three-dimensional space. Here are some common uses for 3D printers:                                

1. Manufacturing prototypes: 3D printers can quickly produce a variety of prototypes, including mechanical parts, industrial products, medical devices, etc.                                

2. Manufacturing personalized products: 3D printers can produce a variety of personalized products according to individual needs and requirements, such as headphones, mobile phone cases, household items, etc.                                

3. Manufacture small batch production: 3D printers can quickly manufacture small batch products                                

4. Manufacture complex structures: 3D printers can manufacture products with complex structures, such as bones, organs and other medical devices, which is very helpful for the medical industry, can improve the success rate of surgery and reduce the risk of surgery.                                

5. Make artwork: human models, equipment models, industrial models, etc


How to choose 3D printing manufacturers?

3D printing requires professional technology and experience, and only manufacturers with relevant professional knowledge and rich experience can provide high-quality products.                                

It is necessary to choose a manufacturer with a quality management system and quality standards to ensure that the products meet the requirements and standards of customers, and the corresponding system standards can reduce the probability of trial and error of defective products. ISO9001, ISO13485, IATF16949 system certification, quality assurance can promote development, virtually can save more time and cost, protect their own rights and interests.

Let Kanou Precision provide you with precision mechanical parts from now on!

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