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Precision component processing and assembly

Kanou Precision has passed ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 quality system certification, is a national high-tech enterprise, the company's management team is from the Japanese enterprise background of professional technology and management personnel, and has an excellent Japanese enterprise management team. We provide one-stop production services for precision parts and components for global customers in new energy, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors, robots, commercial equipment and other industries. Through continuous innovation and research and development, our business has gradually expanded from a single high-precision parts processing to automated component assembly and high-end precision manufacturing equipment component assembly and other fields. We have a number of imported OKUMA, MAZAK, BROTHER, five-axis turning and milling complex, four-axis and three-axis CNC machining centers, and equipped with three-dimension, 2.5-dimension projectors and other high-precision inspection instruments, which meet the requirements of high precision and high reliability. In the automotive, electronics, medical, aerospace and many other fields have a wealth of assembly experience.

Kanou Precision focuses on parts processing and assembly, precision components machined in our factory can be quickly assembled and assembled on site!

① : We strictly implement ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 quality management system to ensure the adaptability, reliability and precision of parts and components.

② : Quick assembly on site, eliminating the cumbersome verification link in the middle, to ensure the accurate adaptation of each component

We have a number of imported five-axis, four-axis and three-axis CNC machining centers, five-axis turn-milling complex, and equipped with three-dimensional, 2.5 dimensional projectors and other high-precision inspection instruments, we are deeply engaged in new energy, medical equipment, robots, electronic semiconductors, commercial equipment parts and components, has a wealth of generation assembly experience, whether it is a single part or multiple precision parts, Can provide one-stop product service from processing to assembly.

Precision machined and assembled components are mainly used in:

Components of new energy equipment: 

drive motor, motor controller, heat exchanger, drive components, new energy charging station, charging pile, etc. 

Parts of medical equipment: 

endoscopic clamp, surgical instruments, CT, MRI, ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, electrocardiograph, ventilator, monitor, etc. 

Robot components: 

industrial robot arms, medical robots, logistics robots, manufacturing robots, etc.

We provide one-stop production services for CNC machining, hand-plate machining, five-axis machining and rapid assembly and assembly of various parts for global customers in new energy, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors, robots, commercial equipment and other industries


Medical equipment component


Guard lens module assembly


Integral components of medical equipment


Robot arm assembly

What do you get when you choose Kanou Precision as your component processing partner?

1.  Precision components and parts processing technology

Kanou Precision uses a number of industry-leading processing equipment, corresponding to CNC processing, lathe processing, five-axis processing, injection molding, hand processing, sheet metal processing parts and complete assembly. It can quickly respond to the tight delivery time of customers and produce high-precision components.


2. The surface treatment process of components

whether it is precision, quality or process, we have rich cnc processing experience, can meet customer quality and delivery of double satisfaction.


3. Complete traceability and information management

All raw materials are subject to 100% incoming inspection, and third-party inspection reports are provided, including Rohs, Reach and 10993 biocompatibility reports.


4. Fast verification and delivery of products

By having all your products produced by us, you will get a one-stop service without having to communicate with multiple companies, which is more convenient and efficient. And the finished parts can be quickly verified, whether it is a design problem or a process problem, can be improved in the shortest time, which will save you a lot of costs.


5. Committed to providing 100% adaptive components

We always implement ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 three quality management systems, in each production link are strictly verified, three dimensional, two dimensional, altimeter, micrometer, image instrument and other precision instrument quality detection, to ensure that from manufacturing - quality inspection - shipment, timely guarantee the rate of good products, on-site assembly of components, Make sure every part fits exactly.


6. Support multi-variety, small batch custom orders

Kanou has rich experience in parts processing and assembly, and has standardized production systems in new energy, medical, robotics, electronic semiconductor industries. Whether in terms of cost or time, we can help customers with a variety of small orders to provide accurate assembly solutions.

From now on, let Kanou precision process and assemble parts for you!


What are precision components and component assembly?

Precision component is a high-tech product, it is composed of a variety of complex parts, with high precision, high reliability, high stability characteristics. Component assembly is the process of assembling small and complex parts into a complete product or system, in which the part is the smallest unit that makes up the machine, which is composed of a whole piece of metal or other materials, and the kit is composed of one or several parts on a part. It is the smallest assembly unit.

Components are constructed by mounting several kits on a reference part. A component is composed of several components, kits and parts mounted on a reference part. The parts can complete certain and complete functions in the machine.


What are the applications and prospects of precision components?

The development prospect of precision components is very broad, it has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, military, automotive, electronics, medical and other fields, precision components are a variety of precision manufacturing technology widely used integration, to provide downstream customers with diversified, multi-variety, complex process, high precision products.

The rapid development of the global manufacturing industry, especially the growth of the automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices and other industries, has led to the continuous expansion of the precision components market prospects.


What is the connection between precision machining and precision components?

Precision machining and assembly of components play an important role in machinery manufacturing. The technological progress of precision machining and the excellence of assembly process provide a strong support for the manufacture of mechanical equipment. Only on the basis of precision machining and precision assembly can high-precision and high-reliability machinery and equipment be produced to promote the further development of the machinery manufacturing industry.

Through continuous research and innovation, we can further improve the level of precision machining and assembly technology, and inject new vitality and vitality into the machinery manufacturing industry.


How to choose a reliable parts processing and assembly factory?

Inspect the equipment and process of the processing and assembly plant, precision assembly requires a high degree of technology and experience, only with professional technical standards and rich experience manufacturers can provide high-quality products.

It is necessary to choose a manufacturer with a quality management system and quality standards to ensure that the products meet the requirements and standards of customers, and the corresponding system standards can reduce the probability of defective products, thereby improving efficiency and reasonable adaptation effects. At the same time with ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 international standard system certification is an important factor to measure the professional degree of processing manufacturers in the field of precision machining, so that the quality of equipment is guaranteed, virtually can save more time and cost.

Let Kanou Precision provide you with precision mechanical parts from now on!

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