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By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2020-12-10

10/23-10/25 Meet You at Shanghai Intelligent Machining and Industrial Parts Fair

Kanou Precision Auto Industry (DongGuan) Co ., Ltd will attend FBC Shanghai Intelligent Machining and Industrial Parts Fair from October 23 to 25, 2019, which will show you a full range of high-quality precision mechanical parts, including 5-Axis parts, welding parts, special-shaped parts and high-precision parts required by automation, medical, automobile a

By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2020-12-10

How does the 5-Axis machining center process the precision parts?

5-Axis machining center as an intelligent machining equipment with high degree of automation is widely used in high-end manufacturing. 5-Axis machining center is suitable for machining curved-Shape parts, turbine parts and impeller parts. We can find that the workpiece suitable for five-axis machining center has characteristics that the parts has a high degr

By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2020-12-10

Change the Machining Processing to reduce cost

At present, China’s precision machinery parts machining technology is not only in the cutting-edge national defense and aerospace fields, it has been extended to many kinds of industries, the application of the field is also more and more the requirements for machining technology become more and higher. Kanou Precision’s technical capabilities get

By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2020-12-10

What is the difference between CNC milling and CNC turning?

Most people who are new to industry have a difficult time knowing the difference between CNC Milling and CNC Turning. these two processes seem quite similar. But they differ from how they operate to complete the desired part.CNC Turning Machines are one of the oldest and simplest forms of machining parts, called “lathes,” and can be either horizontal or vert

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