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Inamori Kazuo's

Inamori Kazuo's "The way of Living" observation


Inamori Kazuo's "The way of Living" is the author's real experience and thinking, which guides us to re-examine our own life attitude and values. After reading this book, I was deeply inspired and had a new understanding and understanding of life.


First of all, Inamori emphasizes the importance of "living" in the book. He believes that life is not only about living in this world, but also about living every day with energy and passion. No matter what kind of environment and predicament we are in, we must learn to face it positively and live positively. This made me deeply reflect on my attitude towards life. We cannot be defeated by difficulties and setbacks, but we must face them bravely and keep a positive attitude and action. Only in this way can we truly experience the joy and meaning of being alive.


Second, Inamori uses his own experience as an example of his struggle to grow from a worker to an entrepreneur. He stressed that hard work is the basis of success, only pay enough sweat and effort, in order to achieve their dreams and goals. I was very encouraged by that. Whether it is in work or in life, we must not stop, we must continue to learn and progress. Only through continuous effort and struggle can we get more opportunities and success.



The book also emphasizes the importance of gratitude. Inamori emphasized that we should cherish every person and thing around us and show gratitude and gratitude to them. Happiness in life often comes from the small things and precious relationships. It made me re-evaluate my life and learn to be more grateful for the love and support of those around me, as well as the gifts of nature. Through gratitude, we are able to face setbacks and difficulties more calmly and live a more fulfilling and satisfying life.


Finally, the Living Law also emphasizes the importance of pursuing what one truly loves and enjoys. Inamori Kazuo believes that only by pursuing a career or hobby that we truly love can we truly feel satisfied and happy. This made me think that we should seriously think about our real interests and passions, and bravely pursue our dreams. Only in this way can we find our own life goals and values on the road to the future.


Kazuo Inamori's "The way of Living" has given me a lot of inspiration and thinking. Through reading this book, I re-examined my life attitude and values, understood the importance of pursuing vitality and passion, learned to make efforts and be grateful, and became more clear about the direction of my dream and pursuit. I hope more people can read this book and be inspired by it to find their own "The way of Living."

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