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New energy auto parts processing, what are the advantages of five-axis equipment?

New energy auto parts processing, what are the advantages of five-axis equipment?

The powertrain of new energy vehicles has replaced the internal combustion engine of traditional fuel vehicles, and what new needs has been brought to the five-axis CNC machine tool? 

Motor shell, motor end cover, motor transmission end cover/bottom shell, electric control housing and electric control box cover, etc., which includes many kinds of rotary symmetric parts, let's take a look at this "rotor" parts, this part is considered to be a more typical application, need to use five axes for high-precision outer diameter turning, Angle processing here, As well as the curvature continuity processing requirements of this part, I do not deny that this product can be made with three axes and four axes, but in terms of technology, this kind of product should solve the tolerance problem caused by multiple clamping of special-shaped processing, as well as the stress and deformation problem caused by clamping. 

Second, this kind of parts is more difficult to process is his curvature, curvature continuity how to ensure? 

We all know that in addition to changing the clamping position, we also need to consider the use of special fixtures for some specific Angle processing. The advantage of five-axis machining is that a clamping multi-angle machining, synchronous five-axis machining, can realize the milling on the extremely complex contour surface, and the five faces of the parts are operated in a clamping, thus saving preparation time, re-clamping and workload, so that the problems encountered are well solved. 

From the customer's point of view, lean targets and reliable production processes can be achieved with five-axis machining, "multi-angle machining at one load", which can significantly reduce preparation time and improve personnel and machine efficiency. This also reduces human and machine errors due to multiple Settings at each processing stage, saving time and costs.

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