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 Why does Kanou Precision dare to challenge a machining part that has not been successfully cy a well-known Japanese company?

Why does Kanou Precision dare to challenge a machining part that has not been successfully cy a well-known Japanese company?

At the middle of last year, China was still in the shadow of the epidemic. Although they basically resumed work and production, it was still difficult for most enterprises and businesses. Especially for foreign trade companies like us, orders were decreasing extremely fast. The company adjusted its strategy to cope with the immediate crisis, although it was extremely timely. But the continuous decline in performance still put the company under a lot of cash flow pressure. One day business sent a quote and introduced a well-known Japanese company through our website some cases of recognition of our technology initiative to find up.

We heard that a big well-known company came to us and immediately evaluated. But see the requirements of the drawing, passion immediately retreat. ¢ 1.3 hole tolerance only + / - 0.003 hole depth of 5.0 requires the bottom can not have R angle. If it is a single machining part, this tolerance is not a problem, but the batch processing parts is impossible to use some high cost process.  After the chairman knew that we can't give up the project inquiry easily, and the customer is a well-known enterprise, it is already a great honor to find us and can't let the customer down. So he decided to visit the client's office in Shenzhen to understand the background of the project and negotiate in person.

When we arrived at the client's imposing office building, we were even more determined to nail the project. The client was also honest and told us that they did have trial samples in China, but the results were not satisfactory. Based on our strengths they wanted us to try it out and hoped we could realize the project to get overall business for them from the terminal. The chairman made a decision on the spot, and we made 10 PCS samples for free.

The chairman was driving on the road while on the phone instructing the ministries to act. We ordered the material, tooling solution, and process solution, and all the departments acted quickly. In less than a week, we delivered the qualified samples to the customer. The customer was very satisfied after receiving the samples and wanted to give us the welding and assembly based on the recognition of us. 



At that time, we did not pay much attention to the drawing, which called for resistance welding. We did not have this process and had to outsource it. The process of proofing was quite painful, firstly, the appearance, the steel ball and the main body would be blown. The second is the concentricity, the drawing requires 0.04, almost none of the qualified samples. Time passed day by day, and we were looking for other suppliers at the same time. But hear the product requirements, all rejected. No wonder, resistance welding is generally applied to sheet metal parts, and usually do not have the experience of such precision parts.


In this case, we had to figure out the problem ourselves. After understanding some of the principles of resistance welding, the technical section leader and I started designing the welding fixture. Due to the delay in delivering samples, we also informed the customer of the situation. The customer placed an order for the components with understanding, and they tried the welding process themselves.

After the welding fixture was completed, the T1 test welding was not ideal, but it was promising. The related defective items were improved compared with the supplier's sample. We made corresponding modifications to the welding fixture for the non-product defects, changed the electrode material and used precision positioning chucks. One at a time, we finally got good results, and the customer received 3PCS samples and immediately ordered 200PCS in small quantities to verify the stability. In a phone review meeting, we tried to ask the customer about the results of their own welding. The customer was embarrassed to say they failed and gave us a thumbs up.

In the following 1 year, the customer has given us the project with difficult processing again and again. Although the development process was not always smooth and there were cases of failure. The technical precipitation of our technical team and this spirit of daring to develop the pioneer won the respect and orders from our customers.

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