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What is the difference between single part and batch part management? Why is it necessary to manage the team in batches?

What is the difference between single part and batch part management? Why is it necessary to manage the team in batches?

Since its establishment in 2005, Kanou precision has been committed to creating revenue for customers through precision machining. Our main market is mainly Japan. Under the strict requirements of customers and the efforts of team members, we have gradually become suppliers in the automotive industry chain such as Toyota and Honda.

The mechanical parts of Kanou precision are mainly used in tooling fixtures and automation equipment in the manufacturing and assembly lines of automobile parts. The order type is mostly single parts, but the precision requirements of the products are very high, and the customers also attach great importance to the appearance.

As our quality and service have been recognized by customers, customers also hope that we can develop in batches. In line with the concept of serving customers, slowly began to do some small batches to cooperate with customers. At first, because the batch quantity was relatively small and the frequency was not high, there was not much difference in management. With the increase in customer trust and the increase in batch orders, our single-part management method gradually becomes unsuitable, and contradictions begin to appear and affect normal business. 



First of all, it is reflected in the price. Price is the foundation of survival. Without a suitable price, we cannot win orders and maintain a mutually beneficial supply relationship. The processing time of batch quotation must be accurate to the second.  For some small products, if the processing time differs by 10S, the difference will be very large. A single quotation does not need to be so precise, a difference of half an hour is within an acceptable range for customers. But the sample price is indeed the other way round, and the quotation method for spare parts is actually cheaper.



1. Sample proofing needs to be considered consistent with the mass production processing technology, which will incur tooling and fixture costs.

2. The management process is not the same, the batch parts require the first part and other processes, which will consume more time and increase the cost. At the beginning, the quotation engineer was the same person, and the customer complained that our quotation was very problematic.

The second is the difference in processing technicians. The level of technicians required for single parts must be very high. Each process requires the operation of technicians and above to ensure the final quality of the product, otherwise a few pieces of scrap will definitely lose money. The quality of bulk parts is mainly ensured by tooling and fixtures. As long as the technician adjusts the machine, ordinary employees can operate it.

So if the operators are all skilled workers, there is no need for the cost to come down.

The difference in quality management is even greater. The quality management before mass production and the process quality management need to be carefully implemented and detailed in accordance with the ISO process. The quality management of the parts is more flexible. It is unacceptable to copy the cost and time of ISO, so it is enough to require a full-scale inspection at the time of shipment. 


At the beginning of the small batch, on-site personnel were more resistant to measures such as first piece, random inspection, CPK and sample retention. We are also slowly guiding and optimizing and improving the development to today's relatively complete quality management process.

Batch project management requires preliminary evaluation and planning, standardization of mid-term document procedures, and subsequent optimization and improvement.

The management of single parts is relatively simple, as long as the good products are finally handed over, the related process management can be simplified.


In the early stage of mass product management, many on-site technicians did not understand. We require that the production equipment and processes cannot be replaced at will. They do not understand the on-site technology. For example, the lathe is busy and the CNC is more available, sometimes in order to coordinate production. , Some processes are converted to CNC processing.

When we find out, stop it in time. At this time, the technician will have an opinion. It is clear that the dimensions are all qualified, why not?

It is precisely because of the difficulties encountered during the development of the enterprise that it also suffered from a lot of lack of experience in batch management. The management is aware of the inadequacy of batch management and must act as soon as possible. Therefore, in 2020, Kanou precision certificated the IATF16949 quality management system on the basis of ISO9001, and through organizational adjustments, it established a dedicated mass production management team to operate separately. Of course, having someone and a system does not mean that the team is necessarily a good team. It needs to be run-in, fight in the market, and time to grow. Kanou precision’s mass production management team will be more capable of creating benefits for customers.

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