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Process analysis of 5-axis turning-milling composite parts-Machining of female and male rotors in screw compressors

Process analysis of 5-axis turning-milling composite parts-Machining of female and male rotors in screw compressors

First, let's take a look at what is the female and male rotors, as shown below


The grooved rotor is a female rotor with more teeth than a male rotor. The few protruding teeth are the male rotor. The male rotor is responsible for transmitting power, so it is also called the active rotor. The female rotor is a driven rotor. Generally speaking, the male rotor is connected to the power shaft of the motor. The female rotor has no power source, and its rotation is driven by the male rotor. After being assembled, it is a bit like the meshing of gears. As shown in the image beow:


In terms of materials, it is generally used: 45# steel, 40Cr, QT600-T3, etc. However, it has also been developed to use aluminum alloy materials, stainless steel materials, and wear-resistant mold materials. It can be seen from the image that although the structure of the part is not complicated, it is just two spiral grooves. First of all, it is easy to think of using gear processing technology to achieve it, but it is actually not feasible. Ordinary machine tools are even more difficult to realize machining.


The most ideal machining is to use 5-axis turning and milling compound for processing. Turning and milling processes are processed on one device at one time to minimize the accuracy errors caused by repeated clamping. Just like our Okuma U3000 5-axis linkage turning and milling compound machine, as shown in the image below:


This kind of equipment with B-axis swing head utilizes the tool tip following function of the equipment to realize the non-dead-angle machining of the arc-shaped spiral groove of the part. In fact, as far as the machining of this rotor is concerned, there is not much difficulty in the process. It is the same as ordinary shaft parts. The difficulty lies in the machining of arc-shaped spiral grooves. 

The rigid condition for machining this part is require five-axis turning-illing compound machine. Turret cranes and five-axis cradles are not ideal equipment. Reasonable selection of equipment and appropriate programming software then can be used. When the equipment and software are available, the level of quality is determined by the level of the operator. Since the matching requirements of the parts are particularly high, the shape of the spiral arc , Consistency, and finish requirements are even higher. 

Therefore, the requirements for programmers' abilities are particularly high, and attention needs to be paid to details. The tool path is not only required to be concise but also efficient. The handling of details is also very important. The technician must also have a thorough knowledge of the material and the knowledge of the tool. 

All parameters must be combined with the torque of the equipment and the recommended parameters of the tool. Combination can achieve the desired effect. The final parts can be installed on the equipment to achieve the desired effect.

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