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Why do Japanese customers give us large welded structural parts job?

Why do Japanese customers give us large welded structural parts job?

In the field of machinery and automation, welded structural parts can be seen everywhere and are widely used in various fields.Why are welded structural parts so popular?That's because of the advantages of the welding parts.


What are the advantages of welding parts:

1. Steel resource saving

2. Saving of machining time

3. It can improve the performance and service life of the parts

4. Easy for maintenance and structural change

The advantages of welding parts are obvious, but in the actual processing, the shortcomings of welding technology are also many.




What we need to do is to avoid the defects in welding machining.

The common process defects of welding parts are:

1. The nature of the material is liable to change because of the high temperature caused by welding.

2. It is easy to deformation, deformation is inevitable in the welding process, we have to do is to reduce the deformation, since it can not eliminate the deformation, it is OK to control the deformation in the correctable range.

3. The welding parts are prone to residual stress. When the stress is eliminated improperly, the parts will break in the process of use, and even bring safety accidents.

4. Sensitive to stress concentration.

5. Large welding parts of steel due to low temperature brittleness will lead to welding scar crack.

6. It is not easy to check the inside of the welding scar, and the welding of the important parts must be inspected to confirm the welding firmness.





In fact, it is very expensive to transport large parts from China to Japan.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, large welding parts will be preferred to be processed in Japan.

the people who do the Japanese market know, processing of large parts in China is really not much, because the freight and processing fees in the price may be higher than the cost of processing in Japan.

Why does our company often receive the order from customers to machining large welding part?




In fact, it is very simple that it is the quality of the decision, to put it bluntly, they rest assured if let us do,they do not have to send people to follow up the whole process.We'll take care of every detail.We're going to start with the raw materials and we're going to control them one by one,


We will strictly control the raw materials according to the quality of Japanese steel. We will use materials produced by large domestic enterprises. Each batch of materials has material proof and qualified inspection report.When welding, the preheating welding must be preheated, never cut corners.


For the parts that are prone to deformation, we do fixture fixing to reduce the deformation to a correctable range.Each weld must be annealed to remove stress.The size of welding scar and groove is strictly in accordance with Japanese welding standards.






In the early stage, we also suffered losses in the problem of the size of the welding scar. The welding scar was too small to leading to batch scrap.For important welded structural parts, we will make a welding scar sample with the same conditions and materials during processing, which is used for destructive inspection and sample retention, so as to ensure the solder of the same batch of parts and the traceability of welding conditions. After several times of running-in, now we fully grasp the Japanese welding standards.


So now the Japanese customers have complete trust in the products we deliver.In fact, no matter in the Japanese market or in the European and American market, the domestic market, quality is an eternal topic, it is also the best weapon for an enterprise to win the market.


With the best quality, the most reasonable profit space to win the market recognition.Don't focus on quality just because others say your products are expensive. You will end up losing your job.

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