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Application of 5-Axis turning and milling composite Machine in Kanou Group

Application of 5-Axis turning and milling composite Machine in Kanou Group

Kanou Precision Auto Industry (DongGuan) Co ., Ltd is a research and development enterprises who produce Precision Machined Parts that oriented to the automotive industry, Kanou Group purchased a OKUMA multus u3000 with B axis of the 5-Axis turning and milling composite Machine from Japan OKUMA company on June 2019, the purchase of this equipment greatly strengthened the overall processing strength of our company.The spindle speed of this device can be from 50 to 5000 RPM range of CVT, it meet the Φ10 – Φ 650 diameter milling line speed requirements.The tool spindle speed is 50-1200 RPM, which can meet the requirements of various cutting process parameters.The main shaft is equipped with a motor of 22KW/H to provide powerful power support, while the tool spindle is equipped with a motor of 15KW/H to provide powerful cutting power.The 8 “chuck on board extends the clamping range,The indexing accuracy of axis C reaches 0.0001, which fully guarantees the processing accuracy of CNC Machined parts; the indexing accuracy of axis B of the power shaft reaches 0.001 degrees, and the swing Angle reaches 240 °, which satisfies the precision machining of Precision parts in holes, grooves, arcs and curves at any Angle.The central cooling function installed on the equipment makes the deep hole machining of cnc parts easy to achieve.The equipped 40 tool storage provides powerful tool support for the multi-process machining of parts in a single clamping.The repeated positioning accuracy of the equipment reaches 0.005mm, which guarantees the precision of 5-Axis machining parts.The equipment is also equipped with automatic online measurement function, which providing precise parameters for tool correction in machining state.

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The introduction of this equipement brings direct changes for CNC components as below:

The sample verification time of complex parts is shortened exponentially, the production of the sample for complex machined parts needs to be disassembled to different machine for processing, such as process of turning parts needs to be arrange to lathe machine, Sometimes it want to consider the problem of part deformation, so the work need to separate as different processing like roughing, semi-finishing and finish machining, In different time periods to re-find the correct processing, and the milling process needs to be arranged in the ordinary vertical machining center to process.It is also need to separate as different processing like roughing, semi-finishing and finish machining. Finally, it is necessary to tap teeth on the tapping machine.Due to such a process route, the processing time becomes longer, and the specific processing time is uncontrollable. With this equipment, because the turning, milling, tapping and other procedures are concentrated in one equipment, The clamping time only needs one time, and the connection time of process is zero, So it greatly shorten the processing time. Moreover, we have purchased the genuine programming software, and our parts processing can be simulated and verified in the programming stage.Therefore, the processing time of precision machining part can be known at the beginning of processing, So the processing time is controllable.

To improve the precision of mechanical parts, the parts that need to be processed by turning and milling before are processed by division of labor, Repeated position tolerance caused by multiple installations are unavoidable.However, with the use of turning and milling compound equipment, 90% of the workload is basically completed in one clamping, then the geometric tolerance effectively controlled.So the precision of machining parts has a qualitative leap.

In terms of the realization of curved surface and irregular surface: because the equipment can realize the linkage processing of five axes ,and the good cooperation between ESPRIT CAM programming software and okuma company, the post-processing of the program is very good. So in some curved and irregular surface processing has been run in very mature, it achieved a seamless.The Precision Part that finished by this compound machine is perfect in both size control and appearance.

Improvement in deep hole processing: Because the Machine is equipped with central cooling system, its superior performance is reflected in deep hole processing. With the center cooling bit, the cutting heat transfer problem is improved to achieve fast cooling, and the chip removal is smoother due to the super water pressure.The deep hole that finished by turning and milling compound machine, regardless of the processing time, processing depth, processing quality (processing surface smoothness) has been greatly improved.

The advantages of single parts and small batch parts: At present, most 5-axis machine in the market is a process integration equipment, What used to require multiple devices can now be done on one device .And our 5-Axis turning and milling composite Machine’s process integration is more prominent, the common vertical 5-axis machining center integrate by milling, drilling, boring, grinding and other processes.Our 5-Axis turning and milling composite Machine can also be compatible with turning, boring cavity, drilling deep hole, hobbing, milling blade, grinding and workpiece online measurement, to achieve a variety of tolerance compensation, tool online monitoring and adaptive control.

In terms of cost control: our equipment initial investment cost is increased, but in fact our mahcined parts cost down much than before, cost reduction is embodied in the following points: 1. Labor cost reduction: The complex parts need more Operater to cooperate, a parts need 4-5 people to participate in, then it will be spending the labor cost of a few people, now it finished on one device, then only need to pay the labor cost of a person.(note: although the labor cost of this position is high, but it is not higher than the sum of several people.) 2.The processing time is shorten: That what people says “ Time is the money”,It’s understandable, so I won’t go into too much detail.3. Cutting tool cost reduction: because of the process integration, all cutting parameters are set according to the ideal parameters of the tool and the ideal parameters of the equipment, so the life of the tool has been greatly improved.Thus, cutting tool cost is reduced.

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To sum up, we have advantages in hardware (equipment) and software (genuine ESPRIT CAM) in processing complex parts. We also have a professional technical team, we have an independent technical department that composed with many technical engineer who has many years precision machining experience.We are professional because we are dedicated, Please feel free to contact us if you have any machining inquriy,  we can provide you with professional solution for precision parts and delivery high quality machined parts to you, so that you have no worries.

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