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How does the 5-Axis machining center process the precision parts?

How does the 5-Axis machining center process the precision parts?

5-Axis machining center as an intelligent machining equipment with high degree of automation is widely used in high-end manufacturing. 5-Axis machining center is suitable for machining curved-Shape parts, turbine parts and impeller parts. We can find that the workpiece suitable for five-axis machining center has characteristics that the parts has a high degree of curved surface and through one clamping difficult to finish the parts, so the 5-axis machine can process the cnc components in different side without changing the position of the workpiece in the machine tool, it greatly improved the processing efficiency of cnc precision parts.

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The 5-Axis machining center has three moving axes, X, Y and Z, and other two rotating axes. Compared with the traditional 3-Axis machining center, the 5-axis linkage technology of the five-axis machining center can position and operate the cutter in five degrees of freedom when machining the workpiece with complex geometric shape.

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Many friends have a misunderstanding in the cognition of the five-axis processing center, that the five-axis processing center is in the three-axis processing center on the basis of adding two rotation axis.The two rotating axes fix the cutting tool in an inclined position and then move and process the feed axes X, Y and Z.This type of machining is actually due to the fact that the fourth and fifth axes are used to determine the direction of the tool in a fixed position, rather than running continuously throughout the machining process.Therefore, this is not a true 5-axis linkage technology. The machining center of 3+2 axis can meet the machining request that cannot be completed by ordinary machining centers, but it is not a true five-axis machining center.

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The true 5-axis machining center with the tool point following function, without change any parameters to ensure that the cutting point of the tool connect with the surface of the parts, also avoid causing a cutting pit.During the whole path movement, the tool direction can be optimized and the tool can move linearly.Thus, the optimum cutting condition can be maintained on the whole path.

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5-Axis machining center is an effective equipment for machining Medical Part, Impeller part and complex precision part.It have a decisive impact On a country’s automation equipment, communication equipment, precision equipment, automotive equipment, high-precision medical equipment and other fields.Kanou Precision has a real five-axis machining center, which can process all kinds of special-shaped curved parts, and has a genuine programming program, will be able to meet your processing needs.If you have any processing requirements, please feel free to contact us.We will provide you with the fastest and most affordable price.

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