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Change the Machining Processing to reduce cost

Change the Machining Processing to reduce cost

At present, China’s precision machinery parts machining technology is not only in the cutting-edge national defense and aerospace fields, it has been extended to many kinds of industries, the application of the field is also more and more widely.

so the requirements for machining technology become more and higher. Kanou Precision’s technical capabilities get approval from many customers. Below is the project that is verified Kanou precision’s technical skills.

This product comes from a Japanese customer, it was very thinner, and the customer asks a quotation for 25pcs. It has many precision drills, and the tolerance for the distance between each drill only 0.02mm, The straight depth of the hole and the position of the bell mouth required grinding. We double checked the drawing and evaluated, It’s impossible to do grinding for that small drill, If can’t do grinding, then we can only choose to polish to finish this request. As the size for these drills is very small, and also have precision tolerance, The cost for polishing will be very high, and the quality risk is also large, One drill will cost almost 5RMB, the total for one product will be 120RMB.

machining technology

The technical engineer has the meeting to discuss this project immediately. Our technical engineer found another better solution to solve these problems. We can use wire cut processing to machining these φ0.5 drills, it can sure the tolerance for the distance between each drill, and we make a Coppersmith that can process the 24 holes together, so it can be finished faster. After wire cutting processing, we can promise that the finish is RZ6.3. As the cost for polishing is too higher, we request the customer do not use grinding and polishing processing but we sure the finish be RZ6.3.

We use different processing to meet the same quality requirements, and the cost reduced 120RMB for each product. After received our technical proposal, Customer has taken our suggestion at once and placed the order for this project from us.

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