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The design and production requirements of auto precision checking gage

The design and production requirements of auto precision checking gage

Basically people can understand what’s the auto inspection gage,but no much more awareness for the design and production requirements of auto precision checking gage.Here, KANOU AUTO INDUSTRY(DONGGUAN)CO.,LTD will introduce the auto design and production requirements for you.

Auto fixture design requirements: first, when designing, we need to have accurate dimension, the surface is bright or not; Second, the structure of the fixture must be reasonable, must be suitable for high efficiency production requirements; Finally, the designed car fixture must be easy to make, higher wear-resisting degree with mot too much cost, fixture design must fully meet the process requirements.

The structural design and parameter selection of the must take below factors into account,such as orientation, positioning method, gap size and so on. The easy-wearable part above the checking fixture must be easy replace,,can’t be have too much limit.In order to improve productivity, we can also use the rotation processing and separate processing methods.

Automobile assembly parts fixture factory requirements is also very strict. The product must be qualified by five layers checking before sold,since the automobile manufacturing is a precision industry, so products related to auto parts must also be kept in quality. Over the years, China’s automotive vehicle fixture industry developed rapidly,the domestic automobile manufacturing industry can be made the basic automotive checking fixture,but for many high-precision parts, we have a certain gap with the international level. After the country’s strong support and our own efforts, we believe that soon after, China’s auto checking fixture completely complete, and also occupy a large share in the international auto inspection market!

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