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Medical Machined Part Wihtout Any Defects

Medical Machined Part Wihtout Any Defects

One day, The customer send us an inquiry to ask if we can do the challenge cnc medical part. We think it was the same as the precision machined components that we normally do, and don’t think it has any different point at that time. The machining processing is also similar, why not do when having the new order. So we firmly answered: No Problem. Then we do the step as usual: Quotation, Buy Material, machining, inspection and send the sample. We think there is no problem to get the volume order as the part be passed by our quality system.

The customer calling us one week later and said: “When you or your family go to the hospital for infusion, and then you found it has metal impurities on the infusion tube, what will you think?……”.Still that time I know the whole things and realize the magnitude of the problem. The Precision Medical Part has a row of cross holes, and we use the conventional machining processing to remove the burrs (by handwork), The customer uses the 40 times microscope to inspect it, Even though it has a little burr, it will be very obvious, and then be NG.

Precision Medical Part

So the Precision Part sample was returned, we do not have the exact solution for that at that time. Firstly, we try to remove the burr by hand processing, The engineer and supervisors related to technical turn round to do this job, there is still some small burr residue. We use 40 times microscope to confirm it again and again, it was NG again and again, and then we constantly to refix. Just 5 pieces sample, but we use the whole three days to finish, and the QC reluctantly agreed to pass the quality and ship the package.

But the problem coming. For now, we only have 5 pieces sample, How about the volume production? This is not a solution for volume production. So we immediately held another team meeting to discuss the corresponding solution.

First we try to use the machining process that we have done before: Use the Chamfer for inner hole to machining, as we use this method to solve cross holes that diameter greater than the 3mm, But the hole diameter for this part only 1.98mm, Later we get to know that this processing can only be machining the inner holes with a diameter greater than or equal to 3mm. So this solution is rejected.

Precision Part

Chamfer for inner hole schematic diagram

Then we discussed the use of high-pressure water flow, electrochemistry, sandblasting, freezing and other methods to deburring, but there are defects, can’t meet the customer’s requirement, so it failed to adopt.

So How to do? All these solutions can’t be used, Do we have any other better solution? We discussed again and again, one of the engineers mentioned: Last time I saw the technology of deburring by abrasive flow at the exhibition, Can we try this processing?

Abrasive flow deburring use abrasive as medium(A liquid mixture mixed with abrasive particles), The Abrasive flow over the surface of the workpiece under pressure, to cause abrasive to grind to a machined surface, and then remove the burrs and sharps.


After fully understanding the processing principle and real case, We do it right away, make the temporary fixture urgently, and remake the sample. The Sample’s results exceeded the expectation, It not only removes the burrs but also remove the sharps and make the edge as Ra0.1. We explained all the details to the customer and resend the sample, the customer reappraised it. Finally, we get high feedback from customer” The sample ‘s machining is very good, and hope it will have the same quality for volume production.

processing principle

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