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How to produce the highly difficult Special-Shape Precision Parts?

How to produce the highly difficult Special-Shape Precision Parts?

The company name of Kanou has the same pronunciation with “可能” in Japanse, It means “Can & Possible”, Kanou company was founded by solving problems for Japanese customers in China who thought they could not buy high-precision machined parts in China. Because of this background, our technical team is not afraid of complex and difficult CNC Machined Parts.

Recently, We produced a Precision Components as the drawing below, The customer already found several suppliers to make the sample before contacting us, But all the sample from other suppliers can’t meet the requirements, so customer asks us to try to machining it.

CNC Machined Parts1

Our Oversea sales’ first reaction is this precision machined parts is too difficult when received the customer’s inquiry drawing (Our sales is a woman, but she also has rich experience and has the strong professional judgment ability), Then we organized technical department to have the meeting to discuss if it can be finished. The difficult to produce this precision part as below:

1, The material is SUS304, it was the material that hard to machining;

2, The structural support of the machined parts is not enough, so it is easy to deform.

3, The Precision for this machining part is very high, Even the shape tolerance also request in 0.01mm,

4, The geometric tolerance requirements of CNC parts are very high,  the concentricity tolerance is within 0.01mm without external force, the perpendicularity tolerance is within 0.01mm, and the planarity of the mounting surface is within 0.005mm,

5, The Precision Machined Part do now allow deformation,

6, The Important surface finish of the CNC Precision Part is Ra0.08.

CNC Precision Part

In the face of difficulties, Our Technical team fully analysis every detail, We thought all possible problem and also considered the corresponding solution, and put the machining details to each processing step that need what equipment; Fixture, cutting parameters, cooling parameters, and every precision grade all write in details that used for guiding processing. Finally, We finished this complex machined part, The customer was very satisfied with it, the cost for these CNC components is also down much than before.

Finished Precision Machining Parts Image as below:

We make below strategy to machining this precision part:

1, We choose the best material imported from Japan,

2, The material be processed by solid solution treatment before use, so it will be more stable and can improve the processing performance.

3, In terms of processing technology, we arrange the following steps: rough machining, semi-finishing, and precision finishing.

4, We added Aging process after rough machining, and Optimize the stability of the material again,

5, We designed the tooling to ensure the minimum deformation in semi-finishing,

6, We designed the fixture in precision machining to ensure the force distribution of the CNC machined parts are uniform and minimize the deformation for the machined parts.

CNC machined parts

After a series of analysis and continuous improvement in processing technology, Finally, we finished the precision parts successfully. Kanou Precision always do the complex machined parts that others can’t do, so we already accumulate rich experience in producing difficult and complex CNC machined part. If you have anything that needs our help, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Kanou Precision will give you the best solution and the best precision parts.

If you need any Precision Components, We are good choice for you.

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