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Why did Kanou Precision buy the 5-Axis turning and milling composite machine?

Why did Kanou Precision buy the 5-Axis turning and milling composite machine?

The people who follow Kanou Precision Auto Industry (DongGuan) Co ., Ltd knows, on May 31, 2019, Kanou Group signed an agreement with Yamazen to purchase an Okuma Multus U300 5-axis milling compound machine. Why did we purchase a 5-axis turning and milling compound equipment? What is the main development direction of 5-Axis turning and milling compound machining center? Here’s what I can tell you:

5-Axis turning and milling

5-Axis turning and milling composite machining technology is the representative of multi-axis machining technology, 5-Axis turning and milling center is the carrier of 5-Axis turning and milling technology, which refers to a kind of machine which mainly for turning function, and integrated milling and boring and other functions, at least three linear feed shaft and two circular feed shaft, and equipped with automatic tool change system. This turning and milling compound machining center is developed on the basis of the 3-Axis turning center, It like compound the turning center and CNC machining center, the compound processing technology is developed in the 1990 s, It’s an advanced machining technology that integrates modern advanced control technology, precision measurement technology ,and CAD/CAM application technology, which based on the traditional mechanical design technology and precision manufacturing technology.

The advancedness of 5-Axis turning and milling center is shown in its design concept. In the general concept of mechanical processing, there are more than one procedures to process one part, that will be completed through the processing of many types of equipment, It needs to prepare tools and fixture. Secondly, the 5-Axis machining center tool and Angle in the processing process can be adjusted at any time, you can avoid the interference of other tools and can complete all the processing at one time. It can Minimize the clamping times so that the parts can complete processing within one clamping, One-time clamping can complete the processing range of all or most of the procedures, It achieves a leap from compound processing to complete processing.

5-Axis turning and milling(1)

5-Axis turning and milling compound machining center has a history of nearly twenty years since its birth. The technology has been mature and accepted by domestic and foreign users. From the perspective of the trend, it mainly develops in the following directions:

1. Higher machining range.

By adding a special function module to achieve more process integration. Such as taking gear machining, internal and external grinding machining, deep hole machining, laser quenching, online measurement, and other functions integrated into the turning and milling center, and truly achieve the full machining of all complex machined parts.

2. More efficient.

Through the configuration of the double powerhead, double spindle, double tool frame, and other functions, to achieve multi-tool simultaneous machining and improve the machining efficiency.

3. Upsizing.

Because the large parts generally are more complex, it requires more processing and procedures is also more, the installation position will take much time. one of the main advantages of the 5-Axis turning and milling compound machining is to reduce the time for parts in the process of multiple processes and multiple technologies, so the 5-Axis turning and milling center for processing have more advantageous.

4. modular structure and function can be quickly recombined.

The function that 5-Axis turning and milling center can be reorganized quickly is one of the important conditions that it can respond to the market demand quickly and seize the market. The modularization of the structure is the foundation of the function of 5-Axis turning and milling center. Many of the products of some advanced technology manufacturers have realized the structural modular design, and they are working on how to achieve rapid functional restructuring.

5-Axis turning and milling2

The advanced concept of 5-Axis turning and milling technology is to improve product quality and shorten product manufacturing cycle. Therefore, this technology has considerable advantages in the application of automation equipment, medical, communication, automobile and other industrial fields, especially in the processing of some complex shaped precision parts.

Kanou Precision Auto Industry (DongGuan) Co ., Ltd focused on precision machining for 14 years, we have 5-Axis milling-Turning composite equipment, master the core technology of 5-Axis machining, can correspond to many varieties, difficult and complex abnormity of precision machining parts, precision can be up to + / – 0.001 mm, the existing customers have more than 80% comes from Japanese or Japanese company in China, which more than 20 customers are the world’s top 500 enterprises. Because of 100% full inspection quality and the company’s overall rapid operation system, many customers are very comfortable to give us products, and even many customers use our products without implement inspection. If you have any machining requirements, please feel free to contact us at any time.

5-Axis turning and milling3

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