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We have different processing method,which one do you want to choose?

We have different processing method,which one do you want to choose?

The fate with this client co this guest officer from the internet at the beginning of 2012.At that time he seems from last year, here let’s call the customer for guest officer, we know us lots of drawings, including machining parts, machining checking fixture and gauge,auto spare parts etc., the tolerance reach to 0.001mm ~0.002mm.We process many but not very well, as the inner quality control can’t match the standards.we have been cooperating with him all the time ,but the order amount is not so big.

Last year, we summed up some experience,found that this guest officer has very big improvement space, but we haven’t chat with the guest officer about this matter before.We begin to try, for the same part,we set different process method,by different process, the quality and the cost all are different also.But we always can find the perfect process method with stable quality and cost-effective.When all are ready, we will check with the guest officer, list all the process method with the cost,describe the situation with plan A,B,C,then client can easily choose the suitable ways. Let’s set below example:

This drawing,the material is Z155CDV12,2 pieces,the hardness need to be HRC57~58:

The processing method one:

If the top processed with wire EDM,at least it needs 2~3 days,the produce of electrode and copper work also need long time ,and the cooper work is complicated,The cost is 1868RMB per piece,need 2 pieces.

The processing method two:

Two pieces can be cooperated with processing,the top can be processed with CNC,the front side is fine slot, can be processed with slow cut,the final part only need one cooper work to do fine wire EDM.then to cut into two pieces by slow cut processing.the cost can be reduced into 1368 RMB per piece.

Before processing,we list all plan to guest officer for choosing,

If the client choose the second one,we will list the corresponding cost,let the client know the processing cost structure,to achieve transparency business,standing in the perspective of the guest officer faithfully!

If it were you,are you willing to be our guest officer ?

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