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By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2021-06-01

How much do you know about hole machining·

In the daily machining of parts on the parts of a variety of holes, rare are: bolt screw hole, oil hole; Axial holes on sleeves, gears and flanges; Bearing holes on the box body; Deep hole (depth to diameter ratio >5 ~ 10)

By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2021-05-04

Process analysis of 5-axis turning-milling composite parts-Machining of female and male rotors in screw compressors

The grooved rotor is a female rotor with more teeth than a male rotor. The few protruding teeth are the male rotor. The male rotor is responsible for transmitting power, so it is also called the active rotor. The female rotor is a driven rotor.

By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2021-05-04

Why do Japanese customers give us large welded structural parts job?

​In the field of machinery and automation, welded structural parts can be seen everywhere and are widely used in various fields.Why are welded structural parts so popular?That's because of the advantages of the welding parts.

By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2021-05-04

How to quickly complete the machining of composite angle parts?

In parts machining, we often encounter various composite angles of parts, especially in the groove features of some parts, it often appear composite angles.As shown in the image below

By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2020-12-10

Process measures to reduce machining deformation

1. Reduce the internal stress of the hair cultureNatural or artificial aging and vibration treatment can partially eliminate the internal stress of the blank.Pre-processing is also an effective process.The blank of fat head and big ears, because of the large margin, so the deformation after processing is large.If the pre-processed blank of the excess part, r

By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2020-12-10

How to avoid the quenching crack of parts in machining

Quenching cracks are the most common defect in the heat treatment process. Often times the product is finished and sent for heat treatment. When you come back, you will see that all have been cracked. All the previous procedures were wasted,The delivery time is also not up to date, and the consequences for us are very serious, and it is hard to say when faci

By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2020-12-10

A7075 changes performance after stewing and the effect on the color of surface treatment

For a product that has a small batch production of customer A, the material processing of A7075 is selected, and the surface treatment of hard anodic oxidation is required. Due to the high precision requirements of the drawing, to ensure the accuracy of each precision Part, we adopted the stewing treatment to strengthen the performance of the material and en

By: KANOU PRECISION Date: 2020-12-10

Application of 5-Axis turning and milling composite Machine in Kanou Group

Kanou Precision Auto Industry (DongGuan) Co ., Ltd is a research and development enterprises who produce Precision Machined Parts that oriented to the automotive industry, Kanou Group purchased a OKUMA multus u3000 with B axis of the 5-Axis turning and milling composite Machine from Japan OKUMA company on June 2019, the purchase of this equipment greatly str

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