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The Japanese Company increase investment in China when we started business in 2005,  and we met a problem related to cost. The precision CNC parts from China cannot meet the Japanese customer requirement, they can only buy it from Japanese company for assembly and export to other countries. In this case, it can’t reduce the cost, and efficiency is low. So most Japanese Companies began to consider how to develop local supplier chain within China, to purchase CNC machined components as well as to meet their requirements. Customer’s difficulties are our chance, the establishment of the company was in damn time.

Is that quality guaranteed of the products made in China to meet Japanese customer requirements?

This is the most concerned question from Japanese companies. From initial trial order and machining some simple precision components in early time, we grasp each chance to level up to customer’s quality standard and technical guidance. In 16+ years cooperation and improvement, all exported machining parts meet the requirements of Japanese customers. Later,  our customers try to give us order of complicated precision parts, even they never forget to ask: “Is that possible? Can you really handle with it? Does it ensure to be good quality? “

I show them confidence that we can do it!

“Possibility – Ability – Undertaking the business” With such faith, We began to make components samples with higher precision, and we hope to realize local production in China on complicated precision components, to reduce production cost and shorten supplying time. In the process, Japanese customers accepted and confirmed our product quality and delivery performance, and then increased order little by little to further cooperation.

What is the origin of company name?

Because most of our customers are Japanese, it’s important to name a company that Japanese can pronounce accurately. But What name is suitable? We neither had knowledge and experience, nor people to ask for. Later, it occurred to me in puzzling: Our customers always ask us “Is that possible?”, we have to show our confidence of “Yes, we can do it”, to customers, colleagues and partners. So We decide to name company as “Possibility”. However, we’re told that “Possibility” cannot be taken as a company name at registration. It’s confusing at that time, as we took so long time to have the name. After calming down and thinking deeply again, The pronunciation of “Possibility” in Japanese is “Kanou”, The pronunciation of “KA” is as same as pronunciation of “Hua” in Chinese, If it changes into “HuaNeng”, it’s to keep the same pronunciation also extend the meaning of “China Possible”, isn’t it perfect? Finally we named our company as “HuaNeng Precision”.

Since 2015, our company has become the supplier for more than 20 fortune global 500 companies. We’re always questioned as “Can you do it?” in initial three years of cooperation, however, with professional attitude of excellence, we continue to provide high-quality precision parts to Japanese market. Such questions became more and more less now. Most of our customers used to order directly, because they know Kanou is reliable, Kanou is “Possibility”.

Along with the attitude of profession and responsibility, Kanou Precision keeps business growing even in economic crisis. Our team grows up as well to be more mature. We believe that Kanou Precision is able to make more profits for our customers, meanwhile, it helps colleagues to enjoy life mentally and physically, we shall make ultimate contribution to human progress and development.

Let Kanou Precision provide you with precision mechanical parts from now on!

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