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Customization and processing of precision equipment components

We have many imported 5-axis, 4-axis and 3-axis machining centers as well as CNC engraving machines, and are equipped with 3-dimensional, 2.5-dimensional projectors, metal analyzers and other high-precision inspection instruments, no matter from the craftsmanship, precision or quality, we can provide very cost-effective solutions.

We can provide for your: 

Processing and customization of drive motors, motor controllers, heat exchangers, drive components, new energy charging stations, charging piles and other components for new energy equipment. 

Customized parts and components for endoscopic grippers, surgical instruments, CT, MRI, ultrasonic diagnostic instruments, ECG machines, ventilators, monitors, etc. for medical equipment. 

Processing and customization of industrial robot arms, medical robots, logistics robots, manufacturing robots and other components of robots.

Whether you have many varieties, small quantities, or are in the research and prototype stage, please feel free to leave it to us!

① : Strict implementation of ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 quality management system to ensure the safety, reliability and precision of parts.

② : The company's management team is professional technology and management personnel from Japanese enterprise background, machining precision can achieve industry-leading tolerance of ±0.005mm.





KANOU Precision has an industrial-grade material supply chain system and a complete material supply chain traceability information management system to ensure reliable quality, safety and stability of parts, and to safeguard safe product application and customer rights and interests.

The main materials commonly used for processing precision components are:

Titanium metal:

Commonly used in the aerospace field, such as engines, landing gear and other key components; medical field, such as titanium artificial joints, titanium steel plate and other medical devices; and automobile manufacturing field, sports equipment field. Titanium is lightweight, strong, 3D printable and corrosion resistant.

Stainless steel materials:  

commonly used in food processing equipment, storage tanks, conveyor systems, etc.; medical equipment common operating table, instruments, etc., as well as the automotive industry to make the body shell, exhaust, intake pipe and other components, stainless steel high strength, corrosion and high temperature resistance, can be highly polished, and therefore resistant to contamination, easy to disinfect.

Nylon and ABS (polyurethane):

The most common application of ABS is injection molding, used in the manufacture of electronic housings, household appliances, nylon materials are commonly used in the automotive industry, electronics, aerospace, all kinds of shells, end caps, structural components, connectors, nylon has a high strength, abrasion and corrosion-resistant characteristics, can improve product performance and durability.

parts assembly

Linear alignment accuracy:

2μm linear repetitive positioning accuracy

Force control accuracy:

Minimum force control accuracy of ±0.01N can be achieved

Rotary positioning accuracy:

Minimum ±0.01° rotary repeatability.

From now on, let Kanou Precision supply you with Parts Assembly!

What is precision assembly processing?

Precision assembly is a kind of high-tech products, which is composed of a variety of complex parts and components with high precision, high reliability and high stability. Component assembly is the process of assembling tiny and complex parts into a complete product or system, in which the part is the smallest unit of the machine, which is composed of a whole piece of metal or other materials, the kit is on a part, mounted on one or several parts constitute.

It is the smallest assembly unit. Component is in a reference part, mounted on a number of kits and the composition. Component is in a reference part, with a number of components, kits and parts of the composition. Components can fulfill a certain, complete function in the machine.

What is the connection between precision machining and precision components?

Precision machining and assembly process of components play an important role in mechanical manufacturing. The technological progress of precision machining and the excellence of the assembly process provide strong support for the manufacturing of machinery and equipment.

Only on the basis of precision machining and precision assembly can we produce high-precision, high-reliability mechanical equipment and promote the further development of the machinery manufacturing industry. Through continuous research and innovation, we can further improve the level of precision machining and assembly process and inject new vitality and vigor into the machinery manufacturing industry.

Let Kanou Precision provide you with precision mechanical parts from now on!

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