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Medical infusion pump parts customization and processing

We have many imported 5-axis, 4-axis and 3-axis machining centers as well as CNC precision engraving machines, and are equipped with 3-dimensional, 2.5-dimensional projectors, metal analyzers and other high-precision inspection instruments, so that we are able to provide very cost-effective solutions, whether in terms of workmanship, precision or quality. .

We can process many kinds of ventilator parts used in medical intensive care units, including shells, pipe connectors, glass covers, ceramic piston plungers, structural parts, fasteners, and other parts. We have supplied parts for 50 international famous medical brands, and support the customized processing of many varieties of medical equipment parts in small quantities.

① : Strict implementation of medical ISO13485:2016 quality management system ensures the suitability, reliability and precision of medical infusion pump parts and its related components.

② : Machining accuracy can achieve industry-leading ±0.005mm, especially good at tiny parts on high-end medical equipment, to ensure the precise fit of each component.


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Whether the material requires repeated sterilization or is biocompatible, it can be processed safely and stably with high precision and with traceability!

Which materials are best suited for medical applications:


Biocompatible material for internal joint and bone replacement. Lightweight, strong, 3D printable and corrosion resistant.

Stainless steel: :

ideal material for surgical instruments. Stainless steel can be highly polished and is therefore resistant to contamination and easy to sterilize.

Nylon and ABS (polyurethane):

iSuitable for medical devices, inexpensive, 3D printable on site, used in emergency medicine. Not for internal medicine, but ideal for ancillary equipment.

TPE and Silicone::

Seals and fittings for customized assembly. It is comfortable to use against the skin and is chemically resistant.

POM and PEEK: :

Engineering grade plastics. Strong and durable, it can be used for joint replacements.PEEK can be autoclaved.



Minimum hole diameter can be 0.1mm, minimum slot width can be 0.15mm


Minimum wall thickness can be 0.05mm


The smallest thread can be achieved S0.5

From now on, let KANOU Precision customize your processed medical parts!

What is an infusion pump?

Infusion pump is a kind of intelligent infusion device, which can accurately control the number of drops or the flow rate of infusion, and ensure that the drug can be uniform speed, the amount of drug is accurate and safe into the patient's body to play a role in a kind of instrument.,Liquid pumps are available in a variety of models with different performance. According to its working characteristics can be divided into peristaltic control infusion pump, volume control infusion pump and syringe micro-injection infusion pump three categories.

Infusion pump is mainly composed of microcomputer system, pump device, monitoring device, alarm device and input and display device. It needs to be used in conjunction with the matching infusion set, and the positive pressure generated by the infusion pump is used to control the flow of liquid (medicine, nutrient solution, etc.) injected into the patient's body.

Precautions for machining infusion pump parts?

High precision requirements: infusion pumps have very high precision requirements. The dimensions, surface finish, and assembly accuracy of the parts need to meet strict requirements to ensure the safe and stable completion of precise medical procedures, which must be equipped with advanced processing technology and equipment, as well as experienced engineers and technicians.

Material Selection: Infusion pump parts need to have excellent chemical properties and mechanical strength so that they will not be affected when subjected to repeated disinfection over a long period of time. In addition, in the parts that come into contact with human tissues, they need to be made of biocompatible materials with sufficient strength.

Complexity and geometry: A large portion of infusion pump parts have complex shapes, such as curved surfaces, shaped shapes, and curvatures, which are usually machined with 5-axis equipment and require a high level of machining.

Let Kanou Precision provide you with precision mechanical parts from now on!

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