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Medical Endoscopic Surgical Instrument Parts Machining and Assembly

We have many imported 5-axis, 4-axis and 3-axis machining centers as well as CNC engraving machines, and are equipped with 3-dimensional, 2.5-dimensional projectors, metal analyzers and other high-precision inspection instruments, no matter from the craftsmanship, precision or quality, we can provide very cost-effective solutions.

We can provide for your: 

Customized processing of parts and components such as medical clamps, grasping forceps, contrast forceps, three-leaf forceps, five-leaf forceps, and various types of jaws. 

Customized processing of components such as medical shafts, piercers, and pneumatic needles. 

Customized processing of components such as medical equipment handles and medical robot handles.

Whether you have many varieties, small quantities, or are in the research and prototype stage, please feel free to leave it to us!

① : Strict implementation of ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 quality management system to ensure the safety, reliability and precision of parts.

② : The company's management team is professional technology and management personnel from Japanese enterprise background, machining precision can achieve industry-leading tolerance of ±0.005mm.

Surgical Clamping Forceps Tips

Surgical Instrument Handle

Medical Device Connecting Rods


Surgical Forceps Assembly

KANOU Precision has an industrial-grade material supply chain system and a complete material supply chain traceability information management system to ensure reliable quality, safety and stability of parts, and to safeguard safe product application and customer rights and interests.

The main materials commonly used for Medical Endoscopic Surgical Instruments are:

Stainless steel materials:

stainless steel SUS304, 304L, 316, 316L, 416, 430, 430F.

Aluminum materials:  

aluminum 5052, aluminum 6061, aluminum 6063.

Plastic materials:

polymer plastic materials ABS, PC, PA, POM, PP, PEEK, PEI.

Other materials:

titanium alloy, copper, cobalt, alloy steel, magnesium, nickel, carbide and ceramics.


Minimum hole diameter can be 0.1mm, minimum slot width can be 0.15mm


Minimum wall thickness can be 0.05mm


The smallest thread can be achieved S0.5

From now on, let Kanou Precision supply you with Medical Endoscopic Surgical Instruments!

What are endoscopic surgical instruments?

Endoscopic surgical instruments include a series of tools used for endoscopic procedures, such as applicator forceps (including hemostatic clamps), contrast forceps, and puncture needles. These tools are endoscopically guided to allow precise manipulation within the patient's body for medical procedures such as tissue clamping, hemostasis, contrast, puncture, and other medical procedures. These instruments are designed to provide a high degree of dexterity and precision in a confined space.

There is a wide range of endoscopic surgical instruments, in addition to the common ones listed above, there are also suction devices, converters, plastic clamps, titanium clamps, bioclamps, pug grips, spring grips, gold finger pullers, needle holders, incisors, bile duct needles, knot tying pliers, proppers, and purse grips, among others.

Does the quality of endoscopic surgical instruments matter?

The quality of the finish of these instruments is critical for endoscopic procedures. High precision, durability, materials that meet medical standards, smooth surfaces and ease of cleaning are important.

These qualities have a direct impact on the safety, accuracy and surgical outcome of the procedure, ensuring that instruments can be reliably guided when maneuvering in confined areas, reducing friction and lowering risk to the patient, while maintaining a hygienic surgical environment and patient safety.

In the medical field, the demand for high standards of quality in the machining of instruments and components cannot be ignored and is directly related to the success of surgery and patient recovery.

Let Kanou Precision provide you with precision mechanical parts from now on!

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