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Deep Drawing Metal Stamping Processing

Stamping parts processing technology is a kind of stamping die and pressure will be forced plastic deformation of metal sheet to make parts processing technology, has a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry, Kanou precision to provide customers from the mold design, processing, assembly, debugging, stamping one-stop service, to provide Japan the same quality of deep drawing stamping products. To help customers to carry out small and medium-sized batch, multi-variety production, suitable for electronic components, auto parts, household appliances, medical equipment, optical instruments, etc. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and high precision, which can realize mass production, improve production efficiency and reduce costs.

We focus on the processing and manufacturing of new energy vehicles, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors, robot stamping parts and components!

① : Strict implementation of ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 quality management system to ensure product adaptability, reliability and precision.

② :The forming tolerance of the tensile part can reach ±0.01mm, the appearance is flawless, and the R/T can be<1.0.

By using a series of continuous molds, Kanou helps customers produce large numbers of parts quickly, reducing labor costs and waste. This will result in significant cost savings over time, especially when producing high-volume orders. We provide our customers with services ranging from the design of deep drawing stamping products to the production of mass stamping products. The forming tolerance of the stretch parts is up to ±0.01mm, the appearance is flawless, and the R/T can be 1.0, combining efficiency, precision and versatility. It is able to produce complex, seamless parts, greatly improving the efficiency of material utilization.

Parts and components processed and assembled by deep drawing and stamping processing are mainly used in:

Components of new energy equipment: 

drive motor, motor controller, heat exchanger, drive motor and other equipment housing.

Components of medical equipment: 

CT, MRI, ultrasonic diagnostic instrument, electrocardiograph, ventilator, monitor and other equipment rotating shaft.            

Parts of robots: 

industrial robot arms, medical robots, logistics robots, housing used on manufacturing robots, and internal motor housing.                                    

We provide stamping processing of various parts, including structural parts, exterior parts and various non-standard parts for global customers in new energy, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors, robots, commercial equipment and other industries.

Deep draw metal stamping materials

Kanou Precision has a wide range of industrial grade material supply chain system, complete material supply chain traceability information management system, for deep drawing stamping, to provide you with a large number of reliable material selection, and 100% incoming material testing. Provide third party MSDS reports, provide Rohs, Reach and 10993 biocompatibility reports. To ensure the quality of parts is reliable, safe and stable, to ensure the safety of product applications and customer rights.            

Our deep draw metal stamping materials and benefits: 

Stainless steel: known for its corrosion resistance and strength. 

Aluminum: Light weight, high ductility and ideal for complex shapes. 

Carbon steel: Both durability and plasticity. 

Copper: Known for its excellent electrical conductivity and often used in electrical components. 

Brass: Often chosen for its aesthetics and corrosion resistance.            


Stainless steel parts


Aluminum alloy parts


Aluminum alloy parts


Carbon steel parts

Deep drawing metal stamping parts surface treatment

The purpose of surface treatment of stamping parts is to make the surface of the product beautiful and elegant, the actual effect of corrosion resistance, etc., the surface treatment of stamping products includes electroplating (zinc, cadmium, copper, chromium, tin, nickel, gold, silver, etc.), electrostatic spraying, spray painting, electrophoresis, screen printing and other processing methods. It is widely used in spraying, painting, blackening, electrophoresis, galvanized, nickel plating and so on.


Sandblasting process parts


Spraying process parts


Polishing process parts


Spray painting parts

What do you get when you choose Kanou Precision as your component processing partner?


1. Quick proofing and reasonable improvement proposals

We have rich experience in the field of deep drawing stamping, can enable customers to quickly verify the rationality of product structure, for different medical equipment use environment and functional requirements, our engineers can help you put forward the parts process, structure, material and other aspects (does not affect the design of the basis) more suitable for customers.


2. Complete traceability and information management

Purchase materials through regular channels and conduct 100% incoming material inspection.

Provide third party MSDS reports, provide Rohs, Reach and 10993 biocompatibility reports. To ensure that the quality of parts is reliable, safe and stable, and the materials are traceable to ensure product safety and customer rights and interests.


3. Committed to providing 100% qualified parts

We always implement ISO9001, IATF16949, ISO13485 three quality management systems, in each production link are strictly verified, three dimensional, two dimensional, altimeter, micrometer, image instrument and other precision instrument quality detection, to ensure that from manufacturing-quality inspection-shipment, timely guarantee the rate of good products, on-site assembly of components, Make sure every part fits exactly.


4. Support multi-variety, small batch custom orders

Kanou has rich experience in parts processing and assembly, and has standardized production systems in new energy, medical, robotics, electronic semiconductor industries. Whether in terms of cost or time, we can help customers with a variety of small orders to provide accurate assembly solutions.


From now on, let Kanou Precision supply you with five axis parts!


What is deep draw stamping?

Drawing stamping is a specialized metal forming process that transforms flat metal sheets (often called billets) into deep, hollow shapes, or "stretched" parts.

Unlike standard stamping, which typically shapes the metal without significantly changing the depth of the metal, drawing stamping focuses on making parts that are deeper than the diameter


What are the processes of deep drawing stamping?

Starting with billet: The process starts with a flat sheet of metal, selected according to the desired final product specifications.                            

Stretching metal: The punch presses the metal plate into the die cavity to shape the metal into the desired shape. This may be done in several stages, each of which involves drawing the metal deeper to bring it closer to the final shape.                           

Redrawing: For particularly deep parts, the metal can be re-drawn through a series of dies, gradually forming without compromising its integrity.                                                        


What are the advantages of the deep drawing stamping process?

Cost effective: One of the most compelling advantages of deep drawing stamping is its cost effectiveness. By using a series of progressive dies in a single operation, manufacturers can quickly produce large numbers of parts, reducing labor costs and waste. This will result in significant cost savings over time, especially when producing high-volume orders.                                

Versatility to produce a variety of shapes: Drawing is not limited to simple or standard shapes. Its process allows for the creation of complex, intricate designs that might otherwise be challenging or even impossible to achieve. Whether your goal is cylindrical, conical, rectangular or any other unique shape, deep drawing stamping technology can meet your needs.                                

High quality surface finish: The nature of the drawing process ensures that the finished part has a smooth, high quality surface finish. Metal is stretched and compressed, not cut or joined, which means there are no seams, rough edges or irregularities. This not only enhances the beauty of the product, but also ensures its durability and functionality.                                


How to choose deep drawing stamping manufacturers?

1, processing technology: with good equipment, no good processing technology is not good, technology is the important basis for the development of enterprises, is the development standard of a manufacturer, good deep drawing process for manufacturers to occupy the industry market has more advantages.                                

2, processing equipment good equipment is the basis to ensure the quality of deep drawing stamping, poor quality equipment can not guarantee the quality of production and processing, no good processing equipment, how to be a good production and processing manufacturers.                                                                                                  

3, the technical team in the development of the manufacturer, the quality of the work of the staff occupies a large part, and the quality of the work reflects the external development of a manufacturer. High quality and high standards can also produce better sheet metal shell products, so you can choose a good manufacturer from this aspect.                                  

4, ensure long-term cooperation: the reasonable choice of stamping factory should also try to ensure long-term cooperation, because people's demand for stamping processing is relatively large, you can achieve long-term reciprocity through cooperation with manufacturers, which is also very beneficial for the long-term quality assurance of products.                                                                

Let Kanou Precision provide you with precision mechanical parts from now on!

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