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June 2024 – SGK Blog – “What is your value-add to a company?”

June 2024 – SGK Blog – “What is your value-add to a company?”

When I first joined KANOU, I would say I have a cultural surprise, I used the word surprise instead of shock because there is a certain element of difference in expectations VS reality but not to the extent of getting a shock.

June 2024 – SGK Blog – “What is your value-add to a company?”

When expectations VS reality is different, frustrations bound to happen. This happens to everyone and can happen anywhere and in any situations, i.e. personal travels, day to day communication with peers, colleagues & friends, family.

Back to my experience with KANOU, I see differences in culture, and how we manage work expectations etc.

There are gaps here & there, and the easy way out is to blame the predecessor who were handling those things, or complained about your fellow colleagues.


But blaming will not provide a solution, complaining to the management may help but management may only provide facilitation provided there is a solution first.

There will be 2 situations here, either find a solution OR non-stop frustrations on the gaps without doing anything and eventually get myself demoralised.

 June 2024 – SGK Blog – “What is your value-add to a company?”

So, the key word here is Solution, and gaps will never be resolved 100%. As long as human to human interactions, there will be and always be gaps.

Thus, only by constantly resolving the gaps, then we can improve together.


However, human being human, you may come to a status quo point and need reminders on why are you in this position?

We are engaged and placed in our position to solve problems in the first place.


We are not a placement or replacement to just carry on a mundane task.

Even an new operator who is engaged to do the same thing everyday may see something that is different & unhappy about from his previous company.

If he keeps quiet and work, he will not work for long. But if he voices out that improvement is needed, he will be happy and his fellow peers will benefit from this change too.


So, what is your value add to a company?

June 2024 – SGK Blog – “What is your value-add to a company?”

We are engaged to provide solutions, to close gap regardless of your position.

This is not the job of the boss, or manager or supervisor, this is YOUR JOB.


Raymond Chew



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