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May 2024 – SGK Blog – “What is a trademark?”

May 2024 – SGK Blog – “What is a trademark?”


One of my prioritized tasks upon joining KANOU Singapore (SGK) is to immediately register our trademark “KANOU”.


What is trademark and why is it important?

In Singapore, a trade mark is described as a "sign" that can be visually represented and is utilized by a trader to establish a link between themselves and specific goods and services during trade activities.

The main purpose of a trade mark is to differentiate the goods or services offered by the trader from those provided by other traders. Consequently, a trade mark holds significant value for any business as it not only identifies the trader but also conveys to consumers that the goods or services associated with the mark originate from a distinct source, separate from all other sources for similar goods or services.

After 10 months of review, today SGK successfully got our trademark registered for the following – 

KANOU SGK Logo Registration Certificate(水印)


Touch panels; Touch sensitive control panels; Flat panel display screens; Flat panel displays; Flat panel

electroluminescent display screens; Electroluminescent flat panel displays.


Injection moulding plastics; Semi-finished plastic in the form of machinings.


Cutting of sheet glass; Metal stamping; Stamping [pressing]; Metal machining.


Custom manufacture of medical devices for others.


By having our trademark officially registered, customers can rest assured that KANOU Singapore is committed to long-term success and expansion. We are not a transient company that raises doubts about our longevity;


instead, we have quickly established ourselves within just 11 months, attracting multinational clients and cultivating a network of reliable partners.


Raymond Chew



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