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Kanou Precision Auto Industry successfully passed the certification of  IATF16949 again

Kanou Precision Auto Industry successfully passed the certification of IATF16949 again

IATF16949 is a quality management system standard for the automotive industry and a technical specification for the international automotive industry. Therefore, as long as the parts of the automobile industry are involved, the company's various operating procedures must be strictly regulated in accordance with the requirements. As a manufacturer of industrial products that has been committed to high precision for many years,  it is an indispensable requirement for Kanou Precision Auto Industry (DongGuan) Co ., Ltd to implement the IATF16949 standard.

Through the efforts of all the company's colleagues and the promotion and support of the senior management, we have successfully passed the external audit and certification in 2020. In September of this year,  Kanou Precision Auto Industry once again ushered in the second external audit and certification of the IATF16949 automotive quality management system standard. This is to confirm whether  Kanou Precision Auto Industry has been operating in full compliance with the system requirements in the past year. It is not only a confirmation of the standardization of the company's entire process operation, but also a reconfirmation of whether the products we deliver to customers are risky.

This external audit is scheduled for 2 days, and the scope of the audit covers the automotive parts involved in our entire business process. Regarding the design, manufacturing, and sales of hardware machining parts. The product reviewed this time is mainly a car audio part. The processing equipment we use is mainly a five-axis turning-milling composite machining center for processing. The precision and appearance requirements of this part are relatively high. The traditional process will use CNC processing equipment for the second processing after turning processing. The processing of this part needs to be fixed by customized special fixtures to ensure the accuracy and position of the machining center.

Training of IATF16949

The advantage of Kanou Precision Auto Industry using this equipment for processing is that the two processes can be combined into one process to complete the process. This saves processing time, improves its processing efficiency, reduces the problem of product accuracy loss caused by the use of tooling, and can also ensure product appearance scars caused by multiple clamping. After a year of processing and delivery confirmation, the process is indeed relatively stable, the defect rate in the process can be controlled within 200 PPM, the qualified rate of shipments to customers has reached 100%, and no  complaints from customers about the project have been received


Kanou Precision Auto Industry participate in the review of their own departments throughout the process. The audit teacher also confirms one by one from the aspects of product characteristics, production technology, department process documents, department operation records, etc. The audit teacher took us to pay more attention to the details of the process and the node problems that are easily overlooked, and help us continue to optimize some details and improve our process links. The management idea of IATF16949 is also the PDCA cycle that we are familiar with, so every PDCA is the starting point for continuous improvement.


As we all know, the automotive industry does not allow any defective products to be delivered. Therefore, for product quality control, we can only advance product management, manage each link in our product process, and identify the risks that are prone to problems in each link. And then take countermeasures and preventions one by one against the risks. Kanou Precision Auto Industry uses this system management idea to run through any other precision product processing, so that each manufacturing process and postoperation can have the spirit and awareness of this automobile quality management system, and achieve the goal of improving product shipment qualification rate and delivery capability to improve customer satisfaction.

Since its establishment, Kanou Precision Auto Industry has always been operating the enterprise with the mission of "creating safe and reliable transportation for human beings". And it hope to become a technological automobile industry enterprise with the world's leading technology in the future, and make its own contribution to the vigorous development of new energy vehicles!

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