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Dispatched Staff to Japan to Study

Dispatched Staff to Japan to Study

Kanou Precision take “keep improving” as a principle, Constantly to improve the company and member’s ability. There is not too many staff in Kanou Precision. From the year of 2016 to now, It’s the third time that our company dispatched workers to Japan to study.

The first two guys go study for only three months, But this Guy makes a contract for one year with the company, that means she will take one year in Japan.

The guy is named Mrs.Kang, she is an oversea sales and already joined our company for 4 years. In the beginning, she is just an assistant, but later she is very hard working and improved herself as a salesman, and she is responsible for a VIP customer of our company.

Even though all of the colleagues were sad to hear that she will leave for one year, But we all support her to have the chance to improve herself. All colleague congratulate her to get approved by the company and get this chance to study. And we hope she can better service customer, and also improve better herself, including the language ability.

Kanou Precision will constantly to improve the professional ability and do better for the customer.

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