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Summary of 2019 FNA Fair at Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

Summary of 2019 FNA Fair at Ho Chi Minh Vietnam

After the two-day exhibition, write a summary of the exhibition as usual. This is our second visit to Vietnam. The previous one was in Hanoi, but this one is in ho chi Minh.

Compared with the last Vietnam Fair, this time the Customer flow is not big, although it did not see the data released by the organizer, it feels that the cold economic environment can be seen more obvious. Of course, the location of the fair is one of the reasons, but Japan’s economy indeed worse than last year’s. After all, most of the small and medium-sized Japanese enterprises that set up factories in Vietnam in the main of Japanse market, and overseas factories will be directly affected by the sluggish domestic market.


The exhibition we attended is a kind of meeting, that compared with that public exhibition scale is much smaller, It is mainly Japanese-funded enterprises in the participation. According to our market development strategy, we do not hope to have as many customers as possible, but to have a more precise customer that we have the opportunity to establish a long-term cooperative relationship.

During the discussion, We get to learn that both Japanese investment in Vietnam and enterprises preparing to enter the Vietnam market is facing many problems in the industrial chain. For example, the factory that can do high-quality heat treatment is very few, factory who can do plating is also not many, The manufacturers with a little big scale can only thinking do heat treatment by another way. Because plating involves environmental approval, they had to choose a supplier to processing, so the products after do plating often need to do full inspection again.


After learning about the preparation plan of our work in Vietnam, all customers without exception expressed their interest. Where is the factory? What is the business? Who is in charge of the factory and so on. They hope to promote the local purchase and buy high-quality and cheap products in Vietnam. Three customers even said: Please open a factory in Vietnam as soon as possible, we can give orders to you…Although we have heard these words from other clients at the exhibition last year, it is quite warm to hear these words again in the current economic background.


The business opportunities are real and the desire to catch them is sincere. The difficulties in preparing factories in Vietnam are also many. We want to go step by step, and let our customers get our quality products and services as soon as possible in Vietnam.


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