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These three days,we have been known by over 100 Thai Japanese companies

These three days,we have been known by over 100 Thai Japanese companies

In 21th.June,2017, Japan branch JAPAN KANOU CORP. On behalf of Kanou Precision Group participated in the manufacturing exhibition in Thailand.

According to the information shared by Mr.LV who has been full participated during the exhibition,this show made the expected results. 100 Thai Japanese companies knew that Kanou process high precision machining and deep drawing die.

The exhibition scale is not large, the exhibitors are basically Japanese-based enterprises. The biggest feature is that the buyer’s purchase needs can be seen in advance,and can make an appointment to the discuss time in advance. Therefore, the Japanese organizers take the official name is: manufacturing industry meeting.

The organizer is Japanese companies FNA, Kanou Precision has been joined their shanghai company member for six or seven years,also participated in several meetings held in Shanghai,the results are feeling good.Four years ago, when FNA set up a company in Thailand, the first meeting was held in Bangkok. With the purpose to test the Thai market, our company sent seven people to the delegation. Unfortunately, but except the basic impression of Thailand,we have no gains in the customer development. Analysis of the reasons as below,the lack of experience of the organizers, our own ability weakness and the timing problems.

In recent years, with our major customer groups – Japanese companies increasing investment in Thailand or other Southeast Asian countries one after another,stepping into the Thai market plan has been put on the company schedule once again.

Considering that our target developing customers are Japanese companies in Thailand,after internal consultation, we decided to participate in the name of the Japanese company. From the results of the exhibition, this decision is quite correct.

Combined with the experience of the first exhibition summary and the characteristics of the Thai market, we don’t cover the whole business, only exhibited the precision machining and deep drawing mold.In addition,interviews with prospective customers are made in advance. Also taking into account the talks will be held in conjunction with the EXPO 2017 exhibition in Thailand, in addition to the Japanese,the Thai guests also will come to the site,so we deliberately hired a Japanese and English proficient in Thai translation.

These preparations have laid a good foundation for the harvest of this exhibition.

During these three days exhibition,basically we can receive 10 high quality inquiries  every day. The customer has a good appreciation for the slogan of Chinese price with Japanese quality. Because in Thailand, raw materials are basically imported, good processing equipment and tools also need to be imported. Coupled with heat treatment, surface treatment and other industrial chain has not yet fully mature, high-precision mechanical parts and stamping die also need to buy from Japan or China. Otherwise there is no advantage in terms of delivery and cost. If they can buy the same quality products in Japan with Chinese price, the Thai customers are expecting that.

Now, there is a problem that the Thai customers are very concerned about:do you have factory in Thailand?

We have clearly told customers, we will certainly set up branch offices in Thailand, but the time can’t be directly set down as involves a lot of factors. Before that, we can send the products to the customers safely with our more than 10 years experience in foreign trade business. But in the chat,we can clearly feel the expectations that the customer wants to trade in Thailand .

Now it seems that many opportunities lie ahead,but each country and region has its characteristics of the business environment,laws and regulations, we need to do all aspects of due diligence. But also in the staff recruitment, capital reserves, logistics control, company address, and so do all aspects of adequate preparation.

During this exhibition, we have deepened our understanding of the Thai market and strengthened our confidence in investing in Thailand. Next, we will seriously correspond to every Thai customer inquiry, with our professional to provide customers with more precision parts processing services. And strive to help customers grow at the same time, to promote our Thailand market development plan.

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