Why can we be recognized by over 50 Japanese customers?

The current mechanical parts processing market is a red sea, even shenzhen and dongguan,the better place in China,but it’s still quite a mixed bag. According to the incomplete statistics, there are at least a few thousand of mechanical parts processing plants,but a large part of the processing plants have no effective management of materials, heat treatment and surface treatment,and that’s the core of the whole product.

Facing such a complex market environment,in 2010 the company deputy general manager Mr. Imai(now the Japan branch presidents) ,led the Seiki Division developed a series of quality management standards.

First is the control of raw materials. I remembered that one time we have placed order to one of the factory with precision mechanical parts,the requested material is HPM38.When the product was finished, it was found that the hardness only with 10 degrees. So we ask the factory where did they buy the raw materials and could they provide the raw material proof to us? But the factory couldn’t give us the direct response. Finally we understood at the time that they certainly didn’t buy the material from the regular sources. HPM38 is a pre-hard material produced by Hitachi, with a hardness of HRC 29-33 . In southern China, only those who go to Dongguan Hitachi metals co., LTD or Hitachi’s designated agents, can buy the formal material. After this incident, we strengthened the control of the source of raw material purchase, requirements both in the processing and outsourcing processing must be purchased from the specified materials supplier, but also need to provide material proof, if the outsourcing factories couldn’t buy the requested raw material, we will help to buy the raw material for them.Also periodically require the specified material supplier to detect the material composition,not in conformity with the requirements,never adopted, from the largest extent to eliminate the fake and low-quality materials mixed.

The second is the regulation of heat treatment. Why do some machine processing plants always be complained of low hardness, uneven hardness or crack?Our Japanese President Mr.Imai, who has worked so hard in this field, asked many of his friends,also consulted several heat treatment plants, and visited the Japan heat treatment plants with our colleagues.The conclusions are mixed :use the wrong material,in order to save costs,put the different materials in the same furnace,heat treatment time is insufficient,use the conventional heat treatment to replace the vacuum heat treatment and so on.So, after three years of experience and a lot of painful lessons, we decided to only use the best three heat treatment plants. And it must also be used in the designated foreign processing plant. Although the cost is slightly higher, but it is more effective to ensure the quality of the mechanical parts.

Finally, that’s the surface manipulation. Industry insiders are well aware that surface handling affects not only the appearance of the product, but also the performance of the product. uniform coating.uniform color,adhesion strong etc. Which are the part effect that every customer wants to buy.But there are some machine factories in the industry that think they’re saving time for customers, using hidden small workshops.These electroplating factories, which are rudimentary and largely without proper process management, have only a few plating tanks and large buckets.How many washes should be cleaned before plating? How to clean the oil? What potions? How long is plating time? How do you dry it? Without such basic electric coating thickness and adhesion management,no more even mention the environmental protection of the product.Even more shocking is the fact that some of the electroplating plants do not have a license to discharge industrial waste water, and the discarded potions can be handled at will, and a pungent odor can be smelt from far away.If your machine parts are electroplated in such an environment, can you use them at ease? So just like the heat treatment management, we personally went the to electroplating factory for inspection, from technology, quality management, environmental aspects for confirmation, and after five years of efforts to finally determine three electroplating factory as our qualified supplier. Once qualified, we are also based on the ISO9001 requirement, we will check the quality assurance system of the three electroplating plants regularly to master their continuous ability.

Through the efforts of the above three points, from year 2010,Kanou precision has achieved in a row without bad quality complaints about material,heat treatment and coating off . Winning approval from more than 50 Japanese clients working together.

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