KanouGroup Strategic Positioning and Vision

The essence of enterprise survival lies in the social value of the enterprise, that is not only the social division of labor role, but also is the business mission. Corporate social responsibility is same as business mission, it is for the community to solve any problems.

What is mission: never achieve is mission.

For example, the mission of the police is to protect social security, the doctor’s mission is to save lives. 360’s mission is to protect Chinese Internet security, Alibaba is to make the world no hard business. Mengniu’s mission is to let the Chinese people drink milk.

To find a never-ending mission, never finished and always need people to do and the logic of sustainable development.

Strategy is the solution for social problem. It is not for the enterprise, but to solve a certain aspect of social problems, for the community to develop f social.

First, the group

Mission: in the pursuit of all staffs the material and spiritual of happiness,at the same time to contribute the development for human and social.

Vision: Become a respected and sustainable development of the century enterprise.

Second,:Kanou precision(Dongguan) Auto Industry Co., Ltd.

Mission: to do safety and reliable means of transport for human!

Vision: to be the world’s leading technology of the automotive industry enterprises.

Third,: Gelivable Anti-Glare Glass Technology (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

Mission: let the world is AG glass!

Vision: to be the world’s leading anti-glare glass program providers!

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