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Where is your company ? 2017-05-08T06:56:29+00:00

Q: Where is your company  ? What is the full name of your company ? Who is primarily responsible person for your company and how to  contact relavant person ? Do you have any branch ?


Company Name:  Kanou Technology (ShenZhen) Co., Ltd.    Kanou for short.
Address:  4 floor,NO.70,Xintian Blvd,FuYong Town. Baoan Dist,Shezhen, China
Business leader:  Lvhua
Contact:  0755 -29786162-898
Official website: www.kanouprecision.com
Free Call:  400 -611-3500
Kanou Technology has four branches in China, they are Dongguan Changan factories, Hong Kong

Office, Chongqing Office and Shenzhen Sales Office.

Q: What time was your company founded? How long have your company been in this industry? Which kind of your company is ?

Kanou  Precision (HK) Limited was established in April 2005. The company founder has been engaged in this industry for 30 years. Belonging to Japanese and Chinese people, Kanou Precision is foreign joint venture enterprise located in HongKong .

National Tel:400-611-3500(Free charge)
Offical QQ   :  400-077-2377

You can get in touch with Mandy Zheng.
Tel: +86-755-29786162
Skype: mandy_kanou

Who will deal with the inquiry? 2017-05-08T06:44:17+00:00

Please send your email to Mandy so that we could quote for on time.

Mandy:  sales06@kanougroup.com
Tel:  +86-0755-29786162-898
Free calls:400 611 3500
Skype: mandy-kanou

How many people do you have in company ? 2017-05-08T06:42:41+00:00

There are 300 employees,28 sales reps (among them 20 included skilled personnel),20 QC, 40 administrative staff , 42 executive staff, 200 Operating personnel in our company.

Who are your best partner ? How many years have you had an good cooperation ? What is the Order proportion ? 2017-05-08T06:26:33+00:00

Our main partner is : ,SONY , SANYO , TATEYAMA , DISNEY, MINATO, PANASONIC and so on. We started our cooperation with all these famouscustomers since 2005, and for the reason of protecting our customers’ privacy right , we keep the Order proportion not being open .

Do you have any branches ? 2017-07-10T03:58:38+00:00

Kanou precision has three brances: Dongguan factory, Shenzhen office and Hongkong office.

When did your company established ? 2017-05-08T06:22:28+00:00
mechanical part industry,KANOU PRECISION CO.,LTD. established in April , in 2005 . The founder of our company has over 30 years experinces in mechanical industry. It is an enterprise for both Chinese and Japanese.
How many square meters area is your mechanical parts factory company covering your company? 2017-05-08T06:18:20+00:00

Our mechanical parts factory covers 6000 square metres area , located in Dongguan city, China.

How is your monthly gross value, annual gross value and the production of the total load ? 2017-05-08T06:15:19+00:00

Precision machining monthly gross value ,monthly gross value about RMB 5 million, and annual gross value RMB 60 million. Equipment operation rate is about 60-70%, Our factor can process spare parts 10 million / month or more.

Do you have ISO system certificate ? 2017-05-08T06:06:04+00:00

Yes, we had got ISO system certificate since 2012.

Which industry was use punch? 2017-05-05T08:55:41+00:00

Cemented auto parts mold punch , precision injection mold punch , drawing die punch, as above have very hard characteristics, therefore,suitable for high abrasion resistance requirements of industry (cutting ・ forming, mould, etc.) with tools On the other hand, because have is better than steel and ceramic compression strength and thermal conductivity,also should be done in the plastic processing of raw material

Metallic character 2017-05-05T08:48:30+00:00

Hard alloy is higher than the hardness of iron and stainless steel, second only to diamond
And, the proportion of W (W: 19.3) is very large, more than twice the iron or copper,
and Au (gold: 19.3) about the same weight