Create income proposal:modify the processing technology to save cost

In early April we received an inquiry case from J05.2 drawings with 2 pieces,the material is SUS304, the customer require outside and the groove must be grinding, the grinding finish effect is Ra0.4 .

Our technical staff Pu san received drawings, found that the requirements of the roughness Ra0.4 for stainless steel is indeed difficult.First the groove size is relatively narrow,it’s difficult for grinding and the grinding cost is very expensive.

For sales,The purpose of the quotation is to get the order, if we process the parts in accordance with the drawing requirements, first of all we have difficulty in processing, while the cost is expensive, then we are very difficult to receive this order.

Then how to get the order in such a price competitive market? The only thing is we must to lower the price with the same quality.

So I found our technical staff once again confirm the drawings carefully, think of the following lower cost of the program:
As the groove width is relatively narrow, if we repair the grinding wheel with a punching machine and grinding machine, then the knife, while all the groove width is not the same,the wheel need to be grinding for several times,the processing costs has a sharp rise.But we change the process with the NC processing,at last fine polishing on the groove, so you can achieve the grinding effect, while the surface roughness can guarantee Ra0.8.
At the same time our proposal produces the following tangible gains
Grinding cost: RMB 1880,but NC processing only need RMB 780,RMB 1100 has been saved.

In accordance with this program I confidently send out the offer, after a while, the customer obviously interested in our proposal, and in another similar case hope that we can propose a cost reduction program for it also.

At present, we continue to expand sales at the same time, has not forgotten the brief create benefits for customers, continue to study how can we reduce costs. It is in this quotation method, constantly attracting our customers to interested in us.

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