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Why choose KANOU to do the auto precision spare parts?

1.Our design team has more than 20-years Japanese-funded enterprises metal precision spare parts experience;

2.Focus on Japan market about 10 yeas ,familiar with the customers’ requirements totally;

3.100% provide the raw material certification and shipping inspection report;

4.Years of OCS and DHL cooperation experience, give you the most reasonable cost, the most secure delivery to your designated place;

5.Accurate report of the processing progress,letyou know the parts processing at any time;

Processing Machine

Wire Cut Machines

EDM Machines


Micrometer CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Machining Centre

Lathe / Drilling Machines

Grinding Machines

ID/OD Grinding Tool Grinder

Vision Laser Welding Machine

Design Capacity

Machining List


Model Made in Units Accuracy Capacity
Wire Cut Machines
Sodick CNC Wirecut Japan 1 ±0.003 400x300x250
Agie CNC Wirecut Swiss 1 ±0.002 350x230x230
EDM Machines
Sodick Japan 2 ±0.002 320x250x250
Mitsubishi Japan 2 ±0.002 300x250x250
CNC Machining
FANUC CNC /SAKER/CHEVLIER Japan 5 ±0.004 800x500x600
TOSHIBA Nanometer CNC Machining Japan 1 0.0001 450x450x200
Grinding Machines
Surface Grinding Taiwan 7 ±0.001 500x200x200
XinDao Precision China 2 ±0.005 1200x500x800
Tool Grinding China 2 ±0.001 Ø0.5-Ø30
ID/OD Grinding China 3 ±0.002 Ø250*650
Lathe / Drilling Machines
CNC Auto Lathe Japan 2 ±0.003 Ø280×300(L)
Taiwan Lathe Taiwan 4 ±0.05 Ø320×500(L)
Drilling Machine Taiwan 3 ±0.05 300x800x300