Management of Kanou

Kanou is a small growing company. We do not have rich capital and strong background, as well as remarkable talent and products. It seems that we have nothing! Two years ago, I just hold the opinion that we will be happy only if we do our business well. But now, after studying the Inamori’s business management, I begin to learn to think what is the right way to manage an enterprise.
Recently, our company is spending time and energy to learn the philosophy of Inamori Kazuo and has made a little achievements. Personally, I came to better understand the true aim of managing an enterprise, that is, to pursue happiness for the stuff both materially and spiritually.

But how can we do this? I think that only the improvement of thoughts is far from enough, we need also practice ourselves in the actual work. Under the faith of “to be the right people”, we will not go into the wrong way. With the thought to do right, we also need the capacity to do right. Thus, we need to improve the managing ability of the enterprise and also improve our technology to win more profits. So finally, we can have the ability to make all our stuff happy both materially and spiritually.
From March, we started to learn from the idea of Amoeba Operating and carried out the management table of unit time value. We hope to find more blind spot through this management tool and therefor maximize the staff’s talents. According to the results and the staff’s discussion, I’m very confident about the adaption of this management. I even emotionally said to my colleagues: If we can lead this tool in successfully, our existing manage system may be overturned. But we also has the opportunity to step to a new height……

The tool we used now can not be called as Amoeba, it can not reach the Amoeba’s effect, either. But the prospects are bright. Because the three major aim of Amoeba Operating are: To establish accounting system that directly connected with the market, to develop talent that has a sense of operator, to realize the management that all the staff can participate and that based on the management philosophy.
Yesterday, when I’m considering to write an article about the new management of our company, there suddenly appears an image of an ancient in my mind who hold the Analects of Confucius in his left hand and an abacus in his right hand. Maybe he is the one who encourages me to carry on doing what I wanted to do.

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