Exquisite service, get VIP customer

Last week the passion teams offer customers a number of quotations from Mexico. The customers have been working with us repeatedly, they are our VIP customers, our processing power and services are also quite familiar with them and trust, it is often required to provide technical support on our side. This time too, the client only enquiry three 3D drawings, no CAD drawings and PDF, a lot of detailed data and requirements on the drawings do not understand. Sale after receiving such drawings quickly to customers to e-mail inquiry tolerance and other information, the customer gave a rough requirement over. After learning this information, the team quickly brought together all the players held a team quote. In the quotation process, we summarize the following questions.

First, just ask the customer directly to the product’s specific requirements and tolerance is not enough, because the answer may give their own is not accurate, and often a product of the processing requirements of different parts of the above is Different. This time the best option is to ask customers to use this product where the use of the product itself, where the point. So that we can infer the size of the different requirements for each product parallelism tolerances. Finally, according to our analysis, determination of the three products in a die should be the core component of this product, it is the inner circle of the products and the hole tolerance is very high, in the process should pay particular attention to management and control. The other two products require long plate member is not so high, the process is also very simple and very easy to process.

Second, such as customers not only 3D no CAD , data is not clear in many cases, it is prone to misjudgment of the situation when the data processing, and back and forth to confirm the data also need to spend a lot of time. The best choice is to ask the customerprovide some CAD, but the salesperson confirm to customer they are not have CAD. Finally, after all the discussions we have decided to understand the technology and the drawing by the quality control personnel Mr Lei to draw from 3D CAD drawings. This way to solve the problem the customer side of the drawing.

Third, the previous quote several times, in order to let everyone know more about processing products, the captain requires engineers and technical personnel at the scene calculation processing costs. But by this experiment several times, we find this approach more time-consuming, it will slow down the progress of the meeting. So Wangjing recommend Seiki Division, after the first meeting before the offer drawings to engineer cost calculations in advance, if desired, and then simple for everyone at the meeting to explain the efficiency of such meetings could be higher.

After this meeting, we are confident to get order, because we give full play to their value, for customers to solve these problems and improve, so customers can no worries about the order to us. I believe this professional and caring services also must be able to leave a deep impression in the minds of customers, to purchase more orders for us.

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