Don’t make the plan in next spring,but in this winter!

Two years ago i was in out training,there was a teacher shared one saying:Don’t make the plan in next spring,but in this touched me so much.She said winter is the best time to plan the next year, such as what we seed and how to seed etc.All are need to plan well in winter. when it comes to next spring,we only need to proceed it as planned.If we think about these matters in spring,how could we catch up with the plan ?

I remembered when i was young,every time when it’s close to The Spring Festival,a few people will come to my home to borrow money.Obviously young and naive, under their poor face, I always help to say some good words and think parents should lend money to them. Of course my parents won’t refer to my opinion, and said children shouldn’t ask adults what to do, and I forgot it soon in the playing time. But every time I see these people who are lending money always appearing in mahjong table or leisure places without any sense,i don’t understand: they’re short of money?…… On the contrary, in the winter my parents are thinking more about the context of the coming work and with less time to go out to play.Later, I gradually found a rule: the people who borrowing money all are the same, although their excuses maybe different,but the reasons are surprisingly consistent: this year’s grain is not easy to sell,they don’t ave enough time to do so…Now i know they’re also working hard, but they don’t have plan in winter,they just follow others to sow blindly,lacking lots of initiative.

So as the business management.Now we only have less than one month in year 2016,but the summary of this year and the plan for next year should be arranged now.many companies used to plan the next year after The spring Festival.A quarter of time has been wasted as all spent the time without any goals or plans.that’s one of the reasons that the company staff is unstable.You can image ,the staff all are don’t know the company plan for the next year.When they back to hometown,they chat with neighbors in leisure time,they can feel that others all are have goals for the next year,and they know what they will do and how,also the improvement directions.But look at themselves in comparison,the difference occurs.They will wonder maybe they should change a new job?

Make you plans in this winter!even though sometimes plans can’t catch up with the changes,but your mood welcoming the spring will be different definitely if you have plans.As no hesitate,no wonder.We Kanougroup forming such a system of making plan in winter begins from 3 years ago,the next year is the forth first colleagues are don’t understand that,but now they’re participating it actively, we’re fulfilling it gradually.That’s not only the management ability improved,but also the changes of the whole staff minds.We will persist on increasing perfections in this side,earn profits and grasp the initiative of the enterprise development.

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