Create income proposal : the proposal of change large parts powder high speed steel materials for our client J05

Proposal background:the expensive high speed steel material have high hardness and toughness,especially the Hitachi powder high speed steel,the production cost is very high,even is more expensive than tungsten steel !

This inquiry comes from our clients J05,one drawing with 6 pcs ,material is HAP10,the outer diameter is 67mm,the length is 120mm,the production area is very large,and material is powder high speed steel HAP10 from Hitachi,the material cost is 650 RMB per kg,the raw material needs 5kg,so the material cost at least 3500 RMB,and the heat treatment must be processed by Hitachi,the cost will be higher again.First we need to rough process with some allowance,then send to Hitachi for heat treatment,at last return back to factory for processing,the work flow will be very long,the management cost will be very high.

We checked and confirmed the drawing again,according to our rich experiences and actual program in the past,the material HAP10 can be replaced by ASP23 from ASSAB,the hardness HRC62~65can meet,also including powder high speed lever,our another team have rich processing experience!And the cost for ASP23 only needs 350 RMB per kg,no need to process heat treatment in Hitachi especially, Obailee and good profit can handle the heat treatment also, the processing time can be shortened!

Proposal effect:according to our past processing experience,change the material in proper time,not only we can meet the clients’ design requirements,but also can lower the cost substantially,nearly save EMB 23940,also shortened the processing time,and save precious time for our clients!

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