To complete the sales target,lower the price and quality to get the orders? NO!

Nearly every company will set the sales goals for each sales person,under the big pressure,the sales person will make great effort to complete the goals.Even sometimes in order to get some orders,they’re willing to lower the price to compete the peers to get the orders from clients.

For our team,the main business is automotive equipment FA parts,90% clients are from Japan,so every year we face the difficult to complete the goals,the two long holidays:New Years’ holiday and the ghost festival.

When time goes into middle July,every day our captain warn us again and again:we must try our best to get more orders before 10,August,even if only one inquiry,we must try to make it into order with our 100% effort.Seeing the customers’ vacation is coming,but there are still a part of goals without landing,we’re in a black mood.In 11th,August,our VIP client J01 gave us a inquiry with 15 drawings,part of 7 drawings quantity range from 18~90 pcs,the delivery time is 26th,August.According to the mail contents and drawings,our team held a price confirm meeting from three point:

1.The delivery time is 26th.August,then the latest delivery time should be before end of the month,and tomorrow is Saturday,so the clients will gave us order in 13th,August,today we must reply the quotation to the clients.

2.It’s a typical small batch cases with attractive,the machining processing companies all want to get this order,so it’s easy to get into the low price war,if caught into it, how should we choose?

3.There are not many sheets of drawing, but the quantity of products is large, there are round and square shapes, and the precision is medium-high grade. The milling, grinding and discharge / wire cutting machine must be used,so the manufacturer must be able to completely correspond above.

After the pricing meeting,we send the quotation.before we get off work,the client replied, but unfortunately the customer’s target price is less than half of ours. And whether it is reasonable or not, the first thing to do urgently is to evaluate the target price again. as we’re concerned that whether we calculate the wrong processing machining or processing time to lead the difference.Our engineer examined each drawing carefully,we found that one drawing with 18 pcs is high precision plate,considering the 10 big fine holes,we chose the slow wire cutting processing before,this time we changed it into CNC processing,together with other 4 drawing,as the shape is nearly the same,so we negotiated with the heat treatment factory and the surface treatment factory,they gave us a little discount also.and we reduce the milling machining time by ourselves.After our double checking,the second quotation we gave 10% discount to our client.

Nearly in 11:00 pm,we still chat with this case in our group,the second day in the morning,J01 replied but still insist on his target price to place the order.Frankly speaking,it’s very attractive for our sales person.But after several careful judging,if we agree with the clients’ target price,the material and parts quality will be made a big discount,it’s not our acting principle,so we rejected the client.

We need to have more proposals and try, and we will do our best to meet the cost of our customers,but to lower the quality to get the order,we won’t do that !

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