Exquisite service, get VIP customer

Last week the passion teams offer customers a number of quotations from Mexico. The customers have been working with us repeatedly, they are our VIP customers, our processing power and services are also quite familiar with them and trust, it is often required to provide technical support on our side. This time too, the client only enquiry three [...]

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Don’t make the plan in next spring,but in this winter!

Two years ago i was in out training,there was a teacher shared one saying:Don’t make the plan in next spring,but in this winter.it touched me so much.She said winter is the best time to plan the next year, such as what we seed and how to seed etc.All are need to plan well in winter. when it comes [...]

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Management of Kanou

Kanou is a small growing company. We do not have rich capital and strong background, as well as remarkable talent and products. It seems that we have nothing! Two years ago, I just hold the opinion that we will be happy only if we do our business well. But now, after studying the Inamori’s business management, I begin [...]

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New chapter for Kanou precision in year 2014:We moved to a new place !

New Chapter for Kanou —— kanou.Lv Today is the first day for SZK (Shenzhen KANOU) to work in the new office. Although our new office is not a high-end commercial building, nor a luxurious, generous style plant, However I am very excited. First thanks again to all my colleagues for joining in the moving of our company. It [...]

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Words in my heart about the selling of imported Japanese material

Since its establishment, Kanou Technology always focus its attention on the middle and high-end market,what we supplied are high precision,high cost and high price products.Some of our products are even the core parts of our customers.For the customers of Kanou,material is one of the most important link except for the machining technology. During the ten years of entrepreneurship process,our customers would often worries about the truth of our material.That's also the [...]

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