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The same quality with Japan company,but our price is more reasonable price than them.

Integral aluminum alloy material processing,more lighter !

Custom-made based on actual demand, more reasonable !

Simple design, with visual management of the inspection!

Safety is the most important part in the auto industry, the quality of the parts can’t be a bit careless! It’s more reliable to use checking fixture inspection!

Large auto stamping parts

Large stamping auto parts inspection such as car door, beam column, rear end box, engine cover, roof panel must be assisted with the auxiliary inspection.

Auto stamping processing parts

Due to the complicated shape of auto metal stamping parts , fixture is necessary inspection tools.

Auto injection molding parts

Dashboard, all kinds of inner decoration, window and door sets of injection molding parts,better quality guarantee can be ensured by the use of special fixture.

The world first-class testing equipment and strict training of high quality management personnel are the guarantee of stable quality!

Large three dimensional inspection equipment with 3 meters

2.5 dimensional image measuring instrument

Large three dimensional inspection equipment

Are you also concerned about these issues?

  • Do you also want to improve the inspection accuracy and reliability of checking fixture?

  • Are you looking for a supplier who keep promise in quality and delivery time?

  • Are you worried about whether the fixture design is reasonable? It’s the most cost-effective?

  • If so,then you come to the right place, as Kanou Precision has been in the pursuit of these goals.

Most fixture of processors only want to sell more to you, but Kanou Precision is more willing to help you do better for the auto parts quality.

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Why do we recommend you to choose Kanou Precision?

Strictly implement ISO9001-2008 quality assurance system, the pursuit of customer satisfaction is always the same.

Our quality assurance of mechanical parts is strictly abide by the ISO9001 quality system requirements. 100% full inspection for the product appearance and size ,providing proof material and shipment inspection report as required.

Over 10 years to build the Japan market with fast delivery system, shorten delivery time is creating benefits for customers.

According to customers’ usage, we have Aluminum Alloy, steel, stainless steel, engineering plastics and other materials in stock. More than ten years of cultivation for the parts supply chain system have strong production capacity for the checking fixture.

Dedicated to the design and process the auto fixture withJapan quality in China,helping you to manage quality better.

Corresponding more than ten kinds of software data, designing team with over 20 experienced designers, design schedule can be supplied with average 3 ~ 5 days. Providing lightweight and smelting checking fixture with the shortest time.

How did clients evaluate Kanou Precision?

Our company haven’t open checking fixture business with China before we knew Kanou,as we’re worried about that the design and processing quality can’t meet the Japan’s standards.Although we truly concerned about them when we cooperated with each other at first,but after several business contacting,we found that Kanou is very different from others as you have the rich experience in working with Japanese enterprises.

Suzuki, Director

Our design and processing requirements is very difficult,we have never thought that Kanou can delivery the parts to us with so short time,especially the design,with so less time to put forward,and the checking fixture structure is very reasonable.Our clients confirmed the project quickly after we suggested to them.Thanks very much!

minister Ruoshan, Technical Department

Previously,our checking fixture are made by the Japanese-native supplier,except the high cost,also the delivery time is very long.We have been looking for high quality checking fixture suppliers from abroad all the time.
We agree with Kanou’s professionalism and ability to proposal.Now we’re also actively recommended Kanou to the company.
Please give much more attention in the future!

Minister Arai, Material Department

They all chose Kanou Precision

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