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The famous French crimping equipment customers visit Kanou precision

Yesterday Kanou auto industry(dongguan)co.,ltd has ushered the guangzhou Local customers’ visiting,guangzhou # # company is the subsidiary for the well-known French crimping equipment company in Asia,mainly focus on crimping equipment,providing technical support,their equipments need to use the mechanical parts , Now the French and Russian business volume increases rapidly, the existing suppliers can not meet the production capacity, so [...]

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Create income proposal:modify the processing technology to save cost

In early April we received an inquiry case from J05.2 drawings with 2 pieces,the material is SUS304, the customer require outside and the groove must be grinding, the grinding finish effect is Ra0.4 . Our technical staff Pu san received drawings, found that the requirements of the roughness Ra0.4 for stainless steel is indeed difficult.First the groove size is relatively narrow,it’s difficult for grinding and the grinding cost [...]

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Exquisite service, get VIP customer

Last week the passion teams offer customers a number of quotations from Mexico. The customers have been working with us repeatedly, they are our VIP customers, our processing power and services are also quite familiar with them and trust, it is often required to provide technical support on our side. This time too, the client only enquiry three [...]

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Don’t make the plan in next spring,but in this winter!

Two years ago i was in out training,there was a teacher shared one saying:Don’t make the plan in next spring,but in this winter.it touched me so much.She said winter is the best time to plan the next year, such as what we seed and how to seed etc.All are need to plan well in winter. when it comes [...]

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Management of Kanou

Kanou is a small growing company. We do not have rich capital and strong background, as well as remarkable talent and products. It seems that we have nothing! Two years ago, I just hold the opinion that we will be happy only if we do our business well. But now, after studying the Inamori’s business management, I begin [...]

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New chapter for Kanou precision in year 2014:We moved to a new place !

New Chapter for Kanou —— kanou.Lv Today is the first day for SZK (Shenzhen KANOU) to work in the new office. Although our new office is not a high-end commercial building, nor a luxurious, generous style plant, However I am very excited. First thanks again to all my colleagues for joining in the moving of our company. It [...]

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To complete the sales target,lower the price and quality to get the orders? NO!

Nearly every company will set the sales goals for each sales person,under the big pressure,the sales person will make great effort to complete the goals.Even sometimes in order to get some orders,they’re willing to lower the price to compete the peers to get the orders from clients. For our team,the main business is automotive equipment FA parts,90% clients [...]

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Warmly celebrate Kanou Auto Industry (Dongguan) Co.,Ltd joined Guangdong Automobile Industry Association

Kanou precision gradually move towards to a more specialized industry areas after over 10 years steady development.From the initial precision equipment parts and components, jigs and fixtures, precision testing fixture processing, to now, we are only involved in the automotive industry related parts processing.The choice of the industry also from the initial electronics industry,automation equipment industry and medical [...]

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Create income proposal : the proposal of change large parts powder high speed steel materials for our client J05

Proposal background:the expensive high speed steel material have high hardness and toughness,especially the Hitachi powder high speed steel,the production cost is very high,even is more expensive than tungsten steel ! This inquiry comes from our clients J05,one drawing with 6 pcs ,material is HAP10,the outer diameter is 67mm,the length is 120mm,the production area is very large,and material is [...]

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You dare to promise delivery time within 7 days? We made it within 3 days!

As a sales we’re always thinking why the clients don’t place the order to us?How could they place the order to us ? We did so much for them,did they know that ? Fujipunch main products are as below:high precision mould parts,checking fixture&gauge,tungsten steel punch,deep drawing mold etc.Our products are mainly exported to the Europe and the united [...]

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